New version: Sales & Marketing Portal 2.1


Geoconcept Sales & Marketing Portal is a web portal providing access to online tools for geomarketing data, studies and reporting.

Geoconcept Sales & Marketing Portal 2.1
includes a new Targeting module allowing users to identify just in few clicks territories which are defined as a priority for prospecting and marketing targeting.

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GEOCONCEPT launches Sales & Marketing 5.0


simplicity and customization are a must for geo-marketing with the widest possible accessibility.

With improved ergonomics and functionality built around customization, the new version of Geoconcept Sales & Marketing makes it even easier to conduct sophisticated geo-marketing analyses tailored to each business area. 

Paris, 10 July 2014: GEOCONCEPT, the designer of geographical optimization technologies for professionals, is today announcing the launch of Geoconcept Sales & Marketing 5.0, the new major version of its flagship geo-marketing solution. Version 5.0 of Geoconcept Sales & Marketing encourages universal access to geo-marketing and makes it easy for sales and marketing managers to share their geo-marketing analyses (sales performance, catchment areas, etc.) to optimize decision making within organizations.

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Atol chooses GEOCONCEPT to develop its national sales outlet network


In furtherance of its commercial expansion in France, ATOL chooses GEOCONCEPT, the leading designer of geographical
optimisation technologies, to develop and organise its national sales outlet network.

In addition to adapting to various customer issues, GEOCONCEPT enables us to respond optimally to our teams’ expectations. The distance between each sales outlet is reduced, affording the opportunity to balance the workload between each mobile staff member, thereby improving productivity”

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GEOCONCEPT launches Modeler for Geoconcept 2.5


GEOCONCEPT launches Modeler for Geoconcept 2.5

Avec une seule et même solution regroupant fonctionnalités d’analyse et de simulation, les responsables commerciaux et marketing vont pouvoir consolider et donner un sens opérationnel à leur données/actions ; comme par exemple évaluer l’impact de l’ouverture d’un magasin sur le réseau existant tout en réalisant des analyses prédictives poussées.

GEOCONCEPT, concepteur de technologies d’optimisation géographique pour les professionnels, annonce aujourd’hui le lancement de Modeler for Geoconcept 2.5, la nouvelle version de son module de datamining intégrant analyse et simulation. Module complémentaire de Geoconcept Sales & Marketing, solution phare d’analyse géomarketing de l’éditeur, Modeler for Geoconcept 2.5 permet aux décideurs de comprendre les données géographiques appliquées à leur activité (adresses clients, localisation des points de vente, influence des concurrents…), d’analyser leurs résultats et de simuler leurs performances futures en prenant en compte à la fois l’attractivité des points de vente, la distance /le temps d’accès, la pression concurrentielle environnante.

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New customer testimonial : JC Decaux


For more than 10 years, JCDecaux has placed its trust in GEOCONCEPT.

The French leader in street marketing has a dual goal - to optimise management of their outdoor billboards – more than 120,000 in France – and inject dynamism into the media campaigns drawn up for their advertiser clients.

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New engine : GIS Geoconcept 7.3


GEOCONCEPT is promoting both access to and the sharing of geographical information with its new Geoconcept 7.3 engine

Main new features of Geoconcept 7.3

  • 2 user modes : standard or advanced
  • Document sharing on the web
  • Upgraded route calculation engine (eco-tax, toll, vehicle profile)
  • Upgraded and customizable touch sensitive interface

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Meet GEOCONCEPT at ANTAD Expo, Mexico


GEOCONCEPT will participate to Expo ANTAD 2014 in Guadalajara, Mexico, from 12 to 14 of March.

We will be present at this event together with our partner HERE.

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Webinar Italia : webservice Saas Opti-Time

New web platform for route scheduling / Una piattaforma digitale integrata centrata su funzionalità di pianificazione.

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Webinar in Italian on Tuesday 25th of February 2014, 10 am / Webinar di presentazione Martedì 25 febbraio 2014 ore 10:00