GEOCONCEPT launches Modeler for Geoconcept 2.5


GEOCONCEPT launches Modeler for Geoconcept 2.5

Avec une seule et même solution regroupant fonctionnalités d’analyse et de simulation, les responsables commerciaux et marketing vont pouvoir consolider et donner un sens opérationnel à leur données/actions ; comme par exemple évaluer l’impact de l’ouverture d’un magasin sur le réseau existant tout en réalisant des analyses prédictives poussées.

GEOCONCEPT, concepteur de technologies d’optimisation géographique pour les professionnels, annonce aujourd’hui le lancement de Modeler for Geoconcept 2.5, la nouvelle version de son module de datamining intégrant analyse et simulation. Module complémentaire de Geoconcept Sales & Marketing, solution phare d’analyse géomarketing de l’éditeur, Modeler for Geoconcept 2.5 permet aux décideurs de comprendre les données géographiques appliquées à leur activité (adresses clients, localisation des points de vente, influence des concurrents…), d’analyser leurs résultats et de simuler leurs performances futures en prenant en compte à la fois l’attractivité des points de vente, la distance /le temps d’accès, la pression concurrentielle environnante.

GEOCONCEPT launches Modeler for Geoconcept 2.5, a new modeling and performance simulation module.

Sales and marketing managers will be able to use one and the same solution comprising analytical and simulation functionality to consolidate and impose operational meaning on their data/actions; such as for example evaluating the impact a shop opening will have on the existing network while performing sophisticated predictive analyses.

GEOCONCEPT, the designer of geographical optimization technologies for professionals, is today announcing the launch of Modeler for Geoconcept 2.5 the new version of its combined analysis and simulation data mining module. Complementing Geoconcept Sales & Marketing, the publisher's flagship geo-marketing analysis solution, the Modeler for Geoconcept 2.5 module enables decision makers to understand the geographical data relevant to their activity (customer addresses, location of retail outlets, competitor influence...), analyze their results and simulate their future performance while taking account both of the attractiveness of the retail outlets, distance /drive time, local competitor pressure. 



Developed in partnership with KXEN, a data mining and predictive analysis specialist, Modeler for Geoconcept now incorporates new functionality complementing its segmentation, statistical modeling and predictive analysis capabilities.


- Site selection simulation: Modeler for Geoconcept 2.5 efficiently identifies the areas on which to concentrate one's future site location projects. The inclusion of Huff and MCI probabilistic models enables users to identify high potential areas based on retail outlet attractiveness, customer distances/drive times...thus making it possible to assess the impact of opening/closing a retail outlet while also estimating a potential turnover thanks to statistical models.
- Predictive typology: In addition to segmenting cartographical data by creating homogeneous groups of places/territories (municipalities, IRIS, retail outlets, sales sectors...) and understanding similarities between the members comprising these groups this new version confers a predictive capability as well. Now, when creating a new object - such as for example of a new site opening simulation - the module automatically determines the segment to which it belongs and instantly enriches the map with this new information.
- Data management: The ergonomic improvements facilitate the integration, updating and formatting of geographical data, making for superior reliability and performance.
Didier Robert, GEOCONCEPT's Managing Director said: “Version 2.5 of Modeler for Geoconcept brings together in one and the same solution the analytical and simulation functionality critical to the commercial development of an activity. It is a powerful data mining tool enabling the processing of spatial correlations from increasingly large volumes of data, yielding accurate and reliable results in record time”.
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