The Field Service Management application in the cloud

Opti-Time Cloud integrates the geographical intelligence that is at the very heart of Salesforce ©.

Geo-optimization helps mobile teams improve the preparation and effectiveness of their route plans.

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Contact geography
Geographical business intelligence, contact database location and  targeting of activities

Route optimization
Call scheduling, route calculation, inclusion of time and business constraints

Automatic population of the schedule for multiple resources over several days, weeks or months

Advanced optimization
Management of an unlimited number of constraints: visit rules, assignment, skills, repeat calls…

Optimal market coverage

The customizable display of the accounts on the map makes it possible to create customized profiles (VIP customers, hot prospects, accounts to be visited…) and to taking the distribution of the portfolio at a glance.

Better prepared routes

What prospects should I visit after my appointment tomorrow? Which is the closest hotel to my last appointment of the day?…

The application identifies the accounts to be visited based on intelligent geographical targeting.

Improved productivity

The application’s powerful optimization algorithms reorganize the various stages of the route while complying with the constraints (points of departure and arrival, specific timeslots, appointment duration…).

Before / After

Geographical planning in the cloud

Opti-Time Cloud automatically generates the schedules for the visits to be made.

Guaranteeing efficient coverage of the customer portfolio and the achievement of sales targets!

An upgradable solution

To best suit your needs, Opti-Time Cloud is available in 4 cumulative versions: 

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Do you use Salesforce © and manipulate custom objects?

Opti-Time Cloud is 100% integrated with your Salesforce © application and manages all your localized custom objects (objects associated with an address or location data). 

Not using Salesforce © but interested in Opti-Time Cloud?

Opti-Time Cloud is an OEM application. It operates on a stand-alone basis and give you access to the essential features for managing your customer relationship (accounts, contacts, events…).

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On the ground

Has a customer cancelled at the last moment? Find alternative appointments directly from the field!
Opti-Time Cloud is available on smart phones and tablets.
Download the Salesforce1 application and login with your usual identifiers.