New Opti-Time Mobile: enabling mobile resources to manage their schedules in-field


Available on smartphones and tablets, Opti-Time Mobile can now accompany nomad users everywhere in the field, allowing them to benefit from GEOCONCEPT’s schedule optimization solution whilst on the move.

GEOCONCEPT, designer of geographic optimization technology for professionals, today announced the launch of Opti-Time Mobile, the mobile version of Opti-
Time’s schedule geo-optimization suite. Available on smartphones and tablets, the application enables delivery staff, technicians and sales reps to consult their diary details in-field and manage information in real time, in both online and off-line mode: viewing appointments, writing and sending off reports, mapping, checking a contact’s address, time-stamping a visit, and so on.

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GEOCONCEPT launches the new mobile workforce scheduling solution Opti-Time 8.0

Flagship solution of range "Routing & Scheduling" of the editor and leading product of professional mobility market, Opti-Time 8.0 embodies a major milestone in the merger GEOCONCEPT / Opti -Time while combining the best of their technologies to optimize schedules.

GEOCONCEPT, designer of technologies for geographic optimization for professionals, announces today on Mobility for Business the launch of Opti-Time 8.0, the new version of its solution for optimizing schedules, flagship product of the new range Routing & Scheduling launched just a year ago following the merger of GEOCONCEPT with Opti-Time.

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GEOCONCEPT launches TourSolver for Geoconcept


GEOCONCEPT launches TourSolver for Geoconcept, a solution for optimization of tour maps dedicated to Geoconcept environment

Previously known as the solution for optimization of tours of Opti -Time editor before its merger with GEOCONCEPT, TourSolver is now compatible with Geoconcept GIS, offering to users a new mapping environment and advanced features for geographic analysis.
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GEOCONCEPT has a new partnership in Brazil


The brazilian GIS specialist Geograph signs a trade agreement with GEOCONCEPT

• Both companies are participating in the 1st edition of the Transport and Logistics Brazil 2013
• Geograph is expecting to grow between 15% and 20 % with this partnership
• Casino , Carrefour and Citroën are some
GEOCONCEPT solutions users

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The new engine Geoconcept 7.2 offers a innovative touch mode interface and many other new features


Intuitive, efficient and user friendly, Geoconcept 7.2 is compliant with the technological trends of the moment and promotes the access and the dissemination of geographic information: Windows 8 compatibility, interoperability, web services, mobile applications, 3D, 4D, reporting, geocoding...

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AMS (Assistances Médicales Spécialisées) chooses GEOCONCEPT to optimise work by its travelling staff


GEOCONCEPT today announced that AMS (Assistances Médicales Spécialisées), a rapidly-growing home healthcare provider, has just chosen its planning optimizer solution Opti-Time Global GeoScheduling to manage its nationwide mobile workforce in France. Initially, the solution will be provided to 100 technicians in charge of delivering and installing respiratory assistance equipment (AMS’ historic business) before being rolled out to the company’s other business lines by 2014.

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Pernod Ricard expands its geomarketing strategy in China


GEOCONCEPT today announced that Pernod Ricard, one of the two world leaders in Wines and Spirits, has chosen to deploy its Geoconcept Sales & Marketing Portal in China. This fully-fledged web portal gives access to Geomarketing tools online, enabling Pernod Ricard China to view and analyze its sales teams’ performance.

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GEOCONCEPT launches the GIS website


Optimization, Geocoding, Online Publishing, 3D, 4D... Discover through videos and testimonials all the innovative features and benefits of the Geoconcept GIS.

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