Geo-marketing and omni-channel strategy

Optimize your sales and marketing strategies

Companies’ databases are replete with precious information on customers, prospects, competitors… With the geographical dimension as the common reference table, analyzing this data is the key to effective omni-channel strategy. As a geo-marketing expert, GEOCONCEPT supports your development, from creating your network to managing your performance.

What is geo-marketing?

Geo-marketing consists in using geographical information to optimize sales and marketing decisions. Companies’ in-house databases and socio-demographic and behavioral data are analyzed together to improve distribution network performance: catchment areas, customer area, site openings/closures, coverage analysis…

A fully-fledged decision-support tool, geo-marketing addresses the many challenges facing marketing and sales management: is my market well covered? Where do I site my new sales outlets? How do I reorganise my network? Who are my customers? Are agencies competing with one another? Are my products and services appropriate to my customer base?

Analyzing your data while mastering your geography
boosts your performance:




High quality customer relationship


Attractive and appropriate offering



From selecting the solution to the benefits it generates, via its use in the field, LCL has built an effective sales strategy based on geo-marketing.

“Initially the tool was to address conventional geo-decision-making purposes, such as the network grid, and it does this perfectly.”

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How do you use geo-marketing to develop
a powerful omni-channel strategy?

Why calculate the catchment area of one’s stores?

The catchment area is a sales outlet’s area of influence. It enables analysis of where a store’s or agency’s actual and potential customers come from, by taking account of access time and distance, attractiveness and competitive criteria. Identifying the customer base located 5, 10 or 15 minutes from the sales outlet enables you to get to know your customers better and adapt your positioning accordingly. Studying the catchment areas of your entire network helps you to exploit market potential to its utmost, reduce cannibalization between sales outlets and run the necessary simulations for selecting the best site locations.

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Evaluating sales potential


Displaying turnover by area


Efficiently developing the network




Measuring accessibility and attractiveness


Optimizing market coverage


Simulating new site openings

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White paper: Sales sectoring

Definition, methods, analysis… This summary white paper is your key to understanding the principles and benefits of geographical sectoring for sales activities.

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