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Alehos, an Air Liquide Group branch, the world leader for gas supplied for industrial and medical use, choses TourSolver to optimize the delivery of oxygen cylinders performed by 20 chartered vehicles.


Allodiagnostic has opted to turn to GEOCONCEPT's solutions for optimizing the movements of its 150 real estate diagnosticians when visiting private individuals and professionals throughout France.


By choosing the route planning and scheduling solution Opti-Time, Atlantic takes advantage of a powerful decision making tool and maximizes the performances of the Group, notably optimizing its business areas.

Automotive industry

GEOCONCEPT equips major automotive industry players such as Autodistribution, Scania and Speedy with geomarketing solutions, commercial sectoring and GIS.

Banque Populaire

Banque Populaire de l’Ouest has elected to equip with Geoconcept Sals & Marketing geomarketing solution to redefine the territories of its agencies and exploit location studies using local mapping reports.

Belgian National Lottery

As part of its growth strategy, the Belgian National Lottery has decided to acquire GEOCONCEPT geo-marketing solutions to optimize the siting of its retail outlets and evaluate the performance of its network.

Bergerat Monnoyeur

Bergerat Monnoyeur, the exclusive concessionaire of the Caterpillar brand, uses Opti-Time for Salesforce to facilitate its sales teams’ activities: route optimisation, client location using the mobile app…


Berner chooses GEOCONCEPT to equip its sales department with a powerful decision support tool for optimising its sales management and sales territory management as regards field sales force routes.

Blinds To Go

Blinds To Go, a specialist in the sale and manufacture of blinds, uses Opti-Time to optimize the movement of 250 technicians and designers in the field in the United States and Canada.


In order to fulfill its growth strategy, Bubendorff decides to equip its teams with the reliable and ergonomic solution Opti-Time for optimizing the scheduling of its field technician rounds in France.

Carrefour Belgium

The Belgian subsidiary of the retail giant decided to acquire GEOCONCEPT geo-marketing tools to optimise its sales performance and support its expansion plan.

Casino Group

C Chez Vous, a subsidiary of the CASINO Group, has selected Opti-Time from GEOCONCEPT to optimize each year more than 500,000 home deliveries of CDISCOUNT products weighing more than 30 kg.

Construction industry

Numerous construction and building and public work companies use GEOCONCEPT solutions, such as Carrières du Boulonnais, Eurovia, Lafarge Granulats, Lafarge Holcim Bétons, PUM Plastiques and the Saint Gobain Group.


COSE, a technology company specializing in aerial imagery, helps its clients from aeronautics industry and defense to define precisely their aerial study areas with GEOCONCEPT tools.


By choosing to implement Opti-Time within its project solution Optiservice, Culligan optimizes the management of the schedules of its 230 technicians and improves the quality of its customer service.


Daytona, an outsourced sales agency remunerated for its field marketing operations, uses several GEOCONCEPT solutions to optimize its sales staff’s sectors.

Defence and army

GEOCONCEPT also equips major players in the defence sector, in particular the Army, via a private company, COSE, and the Air Force with the Geoconcept GIS solution.

Directorate of Military Intelligence (France)

The Direction du Renseignement Militaire (Directorate of Military Intelligence) has trusted in GEOCONCEPT for many years, using the Geoconcept GIS solution to optimise the management of intelligence of military interest.

Domino's Pizza

Domino’s Pizza, leader in pizza home delivery in the world, uses TourSolver in France to optimize management and organize the routes for supplying its 70 sales outlets in Paris area.


Enedis, responsible for managing and developing the electricity distribution network in France, uses Geoconcept Web and the geo-optimisation APIs to optimise its electricity meter updating rounds.

ENGIE Home Services

GEOCONCEPT solutions enable ENGIE home services, leader of heating equipment maintenance in France, to optimize the routes of its 3,500 technicians and to better manage intervention schedules.

Food consumer goods

GEOCONCEPT equips Danone, DGF (a distributor of raw materials for the food products industry) and Sysco (a producer and distributor of food products for the restaurant and catering trade).


Franprix, a convenience store brand, branch of Casino group, uses TourSolver to optimize the 250 daily routes of its 120 delivery drivers that re-supply 350 of the stores from its hubs.


To ensure the design, operation and maintainance of natural gas systems in France, GrDF uses TourSolver to plan routes and to optimize its inspection teams that manage 75,000 km of gas systems.

Groupama Phoenix

Thanks to Geoconcept Web, Groupama Phoenix, the greek branch of the French bank and insurance company, optimizes accident management and therefore enhanced customer satisfaction from its subscribers.


GEOCONCEPT also equips players in the healthcare and home healthcare sector, such as Abbott Japan, the National College of Podiatrists, and the National College of Pharmacists.

Hörmann Beijing Trading

By using Geoconcept Sales & Marketing solution to display their coverage, Hörman Beijing conducts thematic analyses, location studies, generates reports and adjusts its development strategy in China.

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson, a leader in pharmaceutical, hygienic and cosmetics products, has chosen Geoconcept Sales & Marketing to identify sales KPIs to rank modern retails and drive the go-to-market strategy in China.


The fast-food company KFC uses the Geoconcept Sales & Marketing solution to analyze its network of outlets and optimize its development strategy on the French territory.


From the choice of the solution to the generated benefits, thanks to the use of the geography and territory specificities, discover how LCL has built an effective commercial strategy thanks to geo-marketing.


Lipu, a reference client in the transport sector in Mexico, uses our solutions for route planning and optimisation for its secure school transport and company personnel transport activities, and special transport services.


MAAF, an insurance company, uses Geoconcept Web to improve responsiveness to urgent situations faced by its customers and to improve claim management reducing their resolution period.

Maintenance, installation, certification

GEOCONCEPT equips SGS, a world leader in inspection, monitoring, analysis and certification, and WeMaintain, an elevator maintenance specialist.

Media & communications

D'Haussy, IRI and MGS Sales and Marketing, who operate in the media and communication sectors, use GEOCONCEPT solutions.


Thanks to TourSolver, Messer organizes and schedules its daily gas delivery tours in China defining each day optimal routes, adapted to vehicles particularities and to climatic conditions.

Mettler Toledo

Mettler Toledo uses the Opti-Time solution worldwide and Opti-Time Mobile in France to optimize its 175 technicians’ curative maintenance operations and regulatory auditing of weighing equipment.

Non-food consumer goods

In the non-food consumer goods sector, British American Tobacco, L'Oréal Japan and Lyreco use GEOCONCEPT products and solutions.

Other service activities

In the service sector, service providers use GEOCONCEPT solutions to optimise their activity, such as Leader, an interim and recruitment specialist group, Nielsen and Sodexo.


OTIS uses Geoconcept Territory Manager to balance the sales territories of 100 sales people responsible for Eastern Europe.

Pernod Ricard China

Pernod Ricard China uses Geoconcept Web, a geomarketing solution, to model data and perform different types of simulations using local map data. It helps the company to visualize and analyze its sales teams’ efficiency.


The pharmaceutical laboratory Pfizer Japan chooses TourSolver to visualize its market coverage, to optimize its sales representative routes, plan sales deployment and increase sales efficiency.

Pharmaceutical laboratories

GEOCONCEPT also equips laboratories in the pharmaceutical sector such as Alliance Healthcare, the Inovalys laboratories, MSD and Mylan Japan.


Qualigaz is a gas system inspection agency (recommendations, diagnostics, project completion checks) that uses Opti-Time to plan and schedule interventions for its 130 technicians.

Real estate

GEOCONCEPT also equips BNP Paribas Real Estate, Hammerson and Savills with geographical information and geo-marketing systems, and territory management solutions.

Red Bull

Red Bull uses Geoconcept Territory Manager to optimise the territory management of its expanding sales force, thereby ensuring a balanced workload between the sectors of the sales promotion specialists for large and medium-sized supermarkets in France.


Sodicam², a member of the Renault Group, increases its productivity and turnover by using GEOCONCEPT to optimise its sales teams’ routes.


S-Inter, the largest in vitro diagnostic device maintenance company (excl. manufactuers) in France, uses Opti-Time and TourSolver to manage and monitor intervention schedules and to help to observe required quality standards in the biomedical field.


SAGERE, a Sodexo Group branch, an expert in meal tray home delivery, daily uses TourSolver to optimize its delivery staff and therefore to respect the delivery time slots chosen by its customers.


Saria provides daily pick up of animal by-products and slaughterhouse coproducts. Saria added Opti-Time to its ERP to optimise collection route planning for its 500 trucks and to better meet customers’ last-minute requests.


GEOCONCEPT equips the Departmental Fire and Rescue Services (SDIS) in 73 French departments with the Geoconcept GIS, especially as a decision support tool.


Selecta, the European leader in vending services and solutions, and especially vending machines in public areas, choses Opti-Time to optimize its 150 maintenance and repair technician interventions.

Services Industriels de Genève

As SIG (Geneva Industrial Services) is setting up a smart management of gas and water pipe systems, the use of Geoconcept GIS helps the company to optimize the project and to guarantee an optimal customer relationship.

Société Générale

Société Générale decided to add a new dimension to its geo-marketing approach by installing a centralised GEOCONCEPT solution on an Intranet, predominantly published and used by the operational staff themselves.

SODIS - McCormick Group

SODIS, a field marketing specialist, opted for GEOCONCEPT’s territory management and route optimization solutions TourSolver and Geoconcept Territory Manager to optimize its 150 field sales promoters.


SPIE has chosen Opti-Time for its capacity to schedule interventions in real-time. As technicians are on the field, the system has to integrate new priority jobs and alert on mobile teams devices in real-time.


GEOCONCEPT also equips telecommunications giants such as Axione, the French Post Office, Orange and its business services arm, Orange Business Services.


THESEIS uses GEOCONCEPT geomarketing tools and geocoding tools to refine its studies and develop its wealth management services, and thus better visualize and manage market opportunities.

Transport & logistics

The Brangeon Group, GEFCO and PickUp operate in the transport and logistics sector, using GEOCONCEPT solutions to manage their day-to-day activity.


Since more than 12 years, Truffaut uses Geoconcept Sales & Marketing to carry out its implementation studies in France (opening and extension projects of outlets) and to optimize direct marketing campaigns.

Utilities & energy

Gaz de Bordeaux and SUEZ are companies that use GEOCONCEPT solutions to manage their everyday activities and organise their field teams’ calls.

Veolia Propreté

Veolia Propreté uses the resource planning tool Opti-Time to optimize interventions of its 130 inspectors over a huge geographical area. As a result, Veolia improves its customer relationship management and its staff efficiency.


VitalAire, an Air Liquide Healthcare branch specialized in medical devices and home healthcare services, uses Opti-Time to observe many constraints and improve efficiency in planning organizationwhich have increased of over 15%.
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