Field Service Management

Installation, maintenance, repair, audit, sampling:
solutions for efficient mobile teams


Optimise diaries and routes by combining geographic and business constraints: skills, emergency cases, duration, customer commitments...


Create or move an appointment intelligently in real-time, view or collect information on the ground, assign the right resource at the right time and right place…


Adapt your organisation to cope with the evolution of the demand, modify the territory districting, simulate the impact of new offers on resource requirements...

A comprehensive and powerful solution for call management and optimisation.

Discover the Opti-Time Range 

Between 10 and 30% higher productivity

More appointments, fewer movements

An excellent service quality

Flexibility, lighter callout slots, commitments kept

Better working conditions

Balanced work load, less stress, lower staff turn-over

An environmentally responsible approach

Reduced mileage, lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions


Allodiagnostic optimises its real-estate diagnosticians’ routes with GEOCONCEPT

"Today we have an efficient, coherent and flexible route planning system that takes account of the mobile teams’ work load."

See the testimonial 

"Opti-Time allows dragging a task in a planning seemingly inextricable. This project had a very positive impact on customer relationship, management and efficiency of the water network and information sharing.”

“At the end, we hope to improve the productivity of our technicians by around 12% and to reduce the travelling time by 10% between each mission. These productivity gains will allow us to spend more time with our customers and to hence improve the quality of our service.”

"Over the last few years, we have transitioned from a scheduling process that was scared among different systems, even manual, and different locations, to one solution that is geographically centralized and integrated into the information system flow. This allows us to schedule and manage twice the number of technicians. »