GIS and territory management

Geographical intelligence at the service
of local authorities

Public and parapublic bodies require exhaustive geographical knowledge of their territory and information management at ever finer levels of granularity. GIS technologies enable the use, optimization and sharing of all territorial data, for greater consistency, efficiency and effectiveness.

Authorities: why do you need a GIS?

Risk mapping and municipal resources, centralization of emergency response cards in the event of a crisis (heatwave, extreme cold, flooding…), land registry management, urban heritage planning, infrastructure maintenance… the applications are legion and the GIS provides numerous services to towns and cities, local authorities and public services. These intuitive tools tailored to your business enable you to view, analyze and organize your territory and your networks.

Discover the Geoconcept GIS

Representation and analysis of the urban heritage


Management of land registry, local town planning, networks…


Decision-making support for development projects




siting and


Optimizing operatives'


Creation of geo-portals, public services

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White paper: Benefits and implementation of geography within business intelligence

Business Intelligence, as the name suggests is a practice to understand the right business drivers and factors to boost business & hence revenue. The practice of BI is now decades old and it has evolved and adapted to the global business scenario… Context, how geography helps Business, definition and benefits of Geo-BI, how to implement Geo-BI.

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