Emergency, defence and homeland security

Harness geographical intelligence to make the best
decision at the right moment

Military interventions, law enforcement, emergencies, crisis management: security and rescue organizations need good knowledge of the ground to prevent risks and coordinate activities on the ground.

GIS, the must-have command support tool

From creating atlases to taking a call, via emergency call handling or on-board mapping, a Geographical Information System (GIS) supports each stage of the crisis:

  • Before the crisis: forecasting, preparation, prevention. The GIS familiarizes you with the territory, enabling you to identify areas at risk.
  • During the crisis: operational management of the event. The GIS helps demonstrate resilience and optimize resources on the ground.
  • After the crisis: the return to normality. The GIS facilitates feedback from experience, making it possible to anticipate future risks and develop action plans.

Discover the Geoconcept GIS

Identifying locations at risk, simulating events


assets and
field teams


Demarcating intervention and evacuation areas




Communicating with the field, tracking the teams


Analyzing experience feedback, simulating tactical situation


Optimizing the return to normality and defining priorities

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White paper: Benefits and implementation of geography within business intelligence

Business Intelligence, as the name suggests is a practice to understand the right business drivers and factors to boost business & hence revenue. The practice of BI is now decades old and it has evolved and adapted to the global business scenario… Context, how geography helps Business, definition and benefits of Geo-BI, how to implement Geo-BI.

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