Territory management for better team organization

Need to balance a customer portfolio? Assign prospecting territories? Distribute workloads? Define delivery areas? Segmenting a territory or optimizing existing sectoring enables a market's potential to be exploited to best effect and to maximize service call and sales and logistic operations profitability!

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What is Territory Management?

Territory management entails the fair apportionment of points between several geographical areas based on appropriate criteria for the activity in question: balancing of accounts between sales personnel based on potential turnover, apportionment of delivery areas around warehouses, assignment of customers requiring assistance taking account of the technicians’ expertise.

Efficient organization

Sales and prospecting sectors, service call zones, network developmentux


Fair operating areas, realistic targets, optimal market coverage

Responsive teams

Network proximity, shorter service call and delivery times, better customer relationship


Optimal resource allocation, better team productivity

Solutions for fair apportionment of operational activities, teams and resources

Desktop solution

  • Standalone sectoring module
  • Building of models
  • Different types of sector: equidistant, from a pattern of points, affiliation with a hub...
  • Comparison between several sectoring scenarios
  • Compatible with geoconcept and sales & marketing GIS

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Cloud solution & API

  • All-in-one saas solution
  • Rapid familiarization
  • Displaying existing sectors
  • Automatic point balancing
  • Manual adjustment
  • Available API for third party applications
  • Compatible with GEOCONCEPT's cloud based solutions

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Territory Management solution strengths:

Decision support

Powerful analytical and publishing tools, simulation of different strategies


Complementary geo-marketing and movement optimization solutions

Global coverage

Accurate cartographic data, international strategy development

Need help defining the sectoring that’s right for your business?

Salesforce organization, sales sector segmentation, balancing service call territories, zoning logistics operations… no matter what your problem, our experts will help you define your ideal organization.

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