Opti-Time, the 12th most popular application of Field Service Management


GEOCONCEPT joins the Capterra Top 20 of Most Popular Field Service Management Software directly to the twelve rank.

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GEOCONCEPT announces its participation in Japan IT Week Autumn 2015


As part of a mission organized by the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation, the publisher will be presenting its new geo-optimization features for cloud computing to the Japanese market: geo-marketing, field service management, logistics…

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Optimize scheduling of appointments directly from the field with Opti-Time Mobile 2.2


GEOCONCEPT launches Opti-Time Mobile 2.2, enabling optimized scheduling of appointments directly from the field

To provide an efficient and comprehensive tool in all circumstances, this application now enables delivery staff, mobile technicians and field sales staff to schedule appointments directly from the field and to have permanent access to enhanced content.

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Opti-Time 8.4, the new version of our geo-optimized scheduling software suite


GEOCONCEPT launches Opti-Time 8.4, the new version of its geo-optimized scheduling software suite

For superior operational performance and to optimize the user experience, this software suite has been enhanced with new features, boasts improved user interface ergonomics, is more open with the provision of connectors and incorporates new optimization parameters and web services.  

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Launch of the first geomarketing data package on the Indian market


Companies located in India, both Indian and international brands, can now use a comprehensive package of data from local administrative entities to analyse and optimise their operational performance. 
As the first publisher to provide a packaged geomarketing data offering in India, GEOCONCEPT is providing a comprehensive and detailed grid of Indian administrative divisions generated by the last government census in 2011: villages, towns and other levels for the country's major cities. With 595,904 administrative units and more than 99% of the population mapped at village and town level, the resulting data are the most comprehensive on the market today.

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Launch of Geoconcept Geolocate, a mobile geolocation application for professionals


GEOCONCEPT announces the launch of Geoconcept Geolocate, a mobile geolocation application for professionals.

The Geoconcept Geolocate mobile application enables field professionals to geolocate information directly on the ground, providing even more detailed and accurate analyses.

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Opti-Time Cloud 2.0, new version of its field service management cloud application


GEOCONCEPT announces Opti-Time Cloud 2.0, the new version of its field service management cloud application

Fully integrated with the Salesforce environment, the Opti-Time Cloud app enhances the client relationship with intelligence and geographical optimization. In the new version 2.0, sales and technical teams benefit from Geoplanning for pinpoint, relevant, rapid and lower cost calls.
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CARGLASS® is piloting and optimizing its workshop vehicles with GEOCONCEPT


CARGLASS® is piloting the development of its network and optimizing the movements of its workshop vehicles with GEOCONCEPT 

As part of its growth in France, CARGLASS® has chosen to use Geoconcept solutions to consolidate its network of integrated centre’s and improve the efficiency of its technicians’ callouts on the ground.
« GEOCONCEPT has helped us to perfect our Geomarketing strategy thanks to the performance, intuitive use and flexibility of the solutions on offer. The geographical approach enables a significant enhancement of the analysis of market data, thus making it possible to take strategic decisions on the development of our network of sales outlets».
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