Optimize scheduling of appointments directly from the field with Opti-Time Mobile 2.2


GEOCONCEPT launches Opti-Time Mobile 2.2, enabling optimized scheduling of appointments directly from the field

To provide an efficient and comprehensive tool in all circumstances, this application now enables delivery staff, mobile technicians and field sales staff to schedule appointments directly from the field and to have permanent access to enhanced content.

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Paris, 08 October 2015:  Today at the Mobility for Business trade fair, GEOCONCEPT SAS, the leading designer of geographical optimization technologies for professionals, is announcing the launch of Opti-Time Mobile 2.2, the new version of the mobile application of the Opti-Time geo-optimized scheduling suite.

Available on smart phones and tablets (Android, iOS, Windows Phone), the application enables each mobile resource to consult, in the field, online and offline, his or her diary information and to communicate in real time with the system: viewing appointments, posting and sending reports with multimedia content (photo, signature…), cartographic location, checking  contact details, search around function, timestamping calls...

Scheduling appointments directly from the ground and access to enhanced content

In addition to uploading information (timestamping an appointment, sending a report…), delivery staff, mobile technicians and field sales staff can now request the scheduling of an appointment from the field and capture the associated characteristics (date,  start and end time, appointment type, description...).  Moreover, when a customer is absent or cancels the appointment at the last-minute, the user can ask the application for an immediate alternative appointment.

To enable users to take full advantage of the performance of their field schedule optimization solution, Opti-Time Mobile version 2.2 boasts new features, including:

  • An enhanced appointment form: the task list is displayed as well as the associated appointment details;
  • For a more helpful timetable, the user can consult his schedule for the next 31 days, showing day by day detail and anticipated unavailability;
  • The round is now displayed on a map for a better overview of the day;
  • The list of the 10 nearest sites to a selected site is automatically displayed on the map;
  • Opti-Time Mobile adapts to the user's navigation habits, with the user free to choose which cartographic service to display (Geoconcept, Google Maps or Waze);
  • The Private Life mode enables the mobile terminal's geolocation to be deactivated outside working hours;
  • New icons improve the application's ergonomics. For example, as the day progresses, it is easy to identify which appointments have been completed or are still outstanding.



Created from the merger between GEOCONCEPT, Europe’s leading Geographical Information System publisher, and Opti-Time, which publishes software for professionals, today the GEOCONCEPT Group ranks among the world leaders in enterprise cartographic and optimization applications.  

Always at the forefront since it was founded in 1990, GEOCONCEPT combined geographical information and optimization tools to invent geo-optimization, or the optimization of activities by intelligently integrating geographical information into systems. Innovation is always at the heart of the Group's strategy with 25% of its expenditure dedicated to R&D. The benefits of geo-optimization apply to areas as varied as geo-marketing, territory management, crisis management or mobile workforce management… Within each area, the geographical optimization components and solutions can be integrated directly by the clients or by Group partners. 

The GEOCONCEPT Group has locations in Paris, Grenoble and Caen as well as foreign subsidiaries: Chennai/India, Geneva/Switzerland, Madrid/Spain, Shanghai/China. Strategic partners also resell the Group's solutions in London/Great Britain, Mexico City/Mexico,  São Paulo/Brazil, Tokyo/Japan…The Group's solutions are available in 7 languages. Today the GEOCONCEPT Group boasts more than 10,000 reference customers at 100,000 geo-optimized resources in 35 countries.

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