Path-breaking performance, open architecture and advanced technology

GEOCONCEPT offers a wide range of GIS components, which enable you to develop all types of geographical optimization solutions, especially in the fields of marketing, mobile team scheduling, town and country planning, territory management and crisis management.

The technology solutions developed by GEOCONCEPT are based on a single engine, Geoconcept 7.2, which addresses all requirements: interoperability, web services,
mobile applications, multi-touch, etc.

GEOCONCEPT technologies are available as components, enabling them to be fully integrated into organizations’ Information Systems. These components are also available as a web service for quick and easy access to geographical optimization features.

The key strengths of GEOCONCEPTt's solutions

GEOCONCEPT solutions are characterized by :


Be it mapping, geocoding or route calculations, GEOCONCEPT solutions set the standard for their speed, robustness and quality. In particular, these advantages explain GeoConcept’s success in distributing applications to consumers, crisis management or call centres where performance and availability are key attributes.


The technology kernel and development kits ensure that all the components are interoperable and easy to integrate with very diverse technical and functional environments.


GEOCONCEPT solutions go beyond the basic processing and viewing of geographical information and provide more advanced functionality that makes it possible to develop a wide variety of geographical optimization applications.

Technology engine and geographical optimization solutions

Geographical Information System

The technology kernel of our offering is the GEOCONCEPT Geographical Information System.
It enables you to create, manage and analyse geographical data.

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Geographical optimization

Geographical optimization is the combined use of geographical information and optimization algorithms to improve the efficiency of organizations and corporations.
Discover our applications, developed for your business :

Additional components and modules

Map publishing

Although the base maps provide particularly meticulous graphic design standards, it is occasionally necessary to create a customized map rendering.
Combining good looks, legibility and an accurate technical description of the geographical information, map publishing tools allow you to combine rendering and database management within a common environment.

Discover our dedicated map publishing modules:


To take the analysis of geographical data a step further, GEOCONCEPT is developing advanced solutions enabling you to take better decisions and improve communication.

Discover our analysis modules:

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Route calculation

Numerous mobility applications entail route calculations.
More than just a navigational aid tool, it enables you to make the correct decisions : optimizing the movement of a mobile workforce, reducing mileage, allocating the nearest resource, dispatching and calculating isochrones... Our tool enables you to calculate point-to-point routes with or without stops, calculate isochrones or isodistances, distance tables, search for the nearest object(s), manage speed profiles, etc.

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Online map publishing

Online map publishing allows you to integrate geographical data and services with Internet and Intranet applications.
Taking account of geographical data is becoming increasingly important with the development of mobile applications used by teams on the ground.
Organizations then have a need for map display and geographical search optimization features. Pooling these features, especially via web services, satisfies these new requirements.

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Mobile applications

GeoConcept offers technology components which enable you to provide its Geographical Information System on mobile terminals.
These components provide the user with intelligent, stand-alone and mobile mapping.

Geoconcept Mobile  

Development kits

GEOCONCEPT offers you a wide range of integration components, kits and APIs.

These components will enable you to enhance the GEOCONCEPT GIS with business features or develop features for standalone applications,
A number of these components are general-purpose and offer an environment for developing for the desktop GIS application (Kit C, .net, VB…), for the Web (Geoconcept Web) or for smartphones technology (Kit Geoconcept Mobile).

Others are reserved for specialized needs (UGC for sending coordinates linked to an address, SmartRouting for route calculation).

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Cartographic data

GEOCONCEPT's offering would not be complete without the associated map and datasets that enable geographic surveys to achieve their full potential.

Discover all of our base maps and different types of data provided depending on what you are doing:


To facilitate a solution's rapid deployment and to support and develop its use on a day-to-day basis, we have a team of consulting engineers and experts in each of the tools that make up our range. They assist in defining and supporting the project until it has been completely integrated into the information system.

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