The complete 3-dimensional data processing module

Modèles 3D


The 3D for Geoconcept module is at the very heart of the 3D data design and use chain. Intuitive navigation in 3D scenes, processing of 3D models, creation of DTMs, display of longitudinal profiles, intervisibility...

Exploring, building and analyzing one's strategic data in 3D enhances simulations by approximating them as closely as possible to reality on the ground.


Geoconcept is the only geographical information system to make 3D an integral part of its technology. A user-friendly interface enables the user to toggle from a 2D to a 3D scene with one click. The 3D for Geoconcept module provides access to the most advanced navigation and analysis features of 3 dimensional data directly from the GIS.


3D for Geoconcept communicates with professional 3D design tools. Capable of providing data from the map reference to a modeling tool, the module also enables you to integrate and process many different 3D models and prototypes.


3D for Geoconcept provides users with a comprehensive and high-performance module, which synthesizes geographical data of every kind. From creating digital models via the calculation of an area of intervisibility and the creation of longitudinal profiles right through to simulating ground or aerial navigation, the module provides all the features required for using 3D data.


Data presentation and thematic analyses in 3D enhance numerous business applications. Urban planning, impact studies, tactical situations, preparing missions…3D simulation enables you to be better acquainted with the terrain and make wise decisions.

Discover the main features of 3D for Geoconcept 3.0


The module enables you to use all the GIS data in 3D: terrain, textures, objects, texts, themes, models...


3D for Geoconcept imports numerous digital terrain model formats (DTM, ASC, XYZ, GRD, DIS, TIFF, GEOTIFF...) and 3D models in the 3DS, DAE (Collada), OBJ, FLT, VRML, V3B...format DTM reprojection is also handled. In output mode, export to SketchUp Google in SKP format is accomplished in one click.


Thanks to terrain resolution as accurate as 0.5 meters in planimetry and 0.01 meters in altimetry, the user can work to a high degree of accuracy.

Longitudinal profilesNavigation

3D for Geoconcept confers the ability to create 3D routes from a line or succession of points and to travel this route in a number of different modes, pedestrian, car, pursuit, helicopter or plane. A route reading interface rounds off these sophisticated navigation features.

Longitudinal profiles

Among the available analyses, longitudinal profiles or topographical sections, present in graphical form the variation in altitude along an axis or line.

Digital models


The module quickly enables you to calculate an area of intervisibility. A polygon is generated accurately showing all the places on the map that can be seen from a given reference point.

Digital models

From an irregular pattern of points or contour lines, the user generates his own digital terrain models (DTM), which can be used directly in a 3D scene. A direct link with DTM download sites is proposed to round off the user data.

Thematic analyses

Thematic analyses

Thematic 3D representations are opening up new analytical opportunities. Color gradations and symbols make it possible to highlight the spatial variation of phenomena. Among the available representations: textures, extruded objects, tubes, cylinders…


Among the many possible types of presentation, marine submersion provides the best possible anticipation of coastal immersion and draw up accurate and effective prevention plans.

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