A data-entry constraint tool to make it easier to build the objects

A data-entry constraint tool to make it easier to build the objects

The data-entry constraint toolbox of our Geoconcept Geographical Information System (GIS) comprises four or thirteen buttons, depending on which version is installed. These restrictions are a suite of tools that can only be used in conjunction with the design toolbox when entering object data.

DrawTools for Geoconcept is an additional module to the Geoconcept GIS. It supplements the data-entry constraint toolbox by offering a series of seventeen new tools, as well as a specific option.

These additional building tools are added to the data-entry constraint toolbar.



Insertion of points and distances by manual data-entry or by clicking with/or without snapping. For distance, it is possible to enter a measured distance and spread the difference across the various points.
  • Distance between two points: calculation of the distance between two points on the map
  • Alignment: Data-entry along the segment defined by two reference points
  • Orthogonal, parallel or perpendicular survey: creation of a point along the length of a base with orthogonal measurements (x and y axes);
  • Intersection of two distances: Entering a point from the coordinates of two reference points and the distance between these points and the point to be positioned
  • Polar survey: Creation of a point at a certain (definable) angle and a certain distance from a segment defined by two reference points
  • Drawing a circle: Creation of a linear or surface object in the form of a circle with a definable center and radius;
  • Orthogonal route: Creation of a point while complying with an orthogonal route
  • Intersection of a straight-line with a circle and arc with three points
  • Adjustment, cutting and displacement of a line
  • Smoothed polyline
  • Intersection of 3 distances

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