Technical support is available to our users for any question or problem encountered during the installation or use of the GEOCONCEPT solutions.

Our consulting engineers are also available to support you when integrating our solutions or with specific developments based on our development kits.

User technical support

Geoconcept's user technical support is accessible to all Geoconcept users with a maintenance contract.

Support is available on working days :

Mondays to Thursdays from 09.15 to 12.30 and from 13.45 to 17.45
Fridays from 09.15 to 12.30 and from 13.45 to 17.00

Contact the technical support by email 

User development support

The support kit provides assistance with all development kits :

  • Geoconcept's standard development kit
  • Geoconcept's NET development kit
  • The SmartRouting (route) development kit
  • The Dispatcher development kit
  • The Geoconcept eXplorer Professional component
  • The Universal Geocoder component
  • The SmartVector component
  • The Publisher for Geoconcept command interpreter

On-site assistance

GEOCONCEPT's consulting engineers are at your disposal to work on an in-house basis, at your premises, for one-off or periodic requirements or to diagnose any problems you may be encountering.

To make it easier for you to use and develop your applications we offer :

  • to assist users and provide them with introduction and advanced training courses
  • to ensure the quality of system data
  • to take account of new requirements or modifications to organization or architecture
  • to keep track of developments in technologies and the tool
  • to upgrade and enhance the processing chain with new and complementary tools.

Geocoding service

Locating addresses is an indispensable step in any geographical study (geo-referencing customers, competitors, sales outlets...).

Depending on the quality of the data to be geocoded and of the anticipated requirements, GEOCONCEPT's consulting engineers will guide you in choosing the best solution.

GEOCONCEPT also offers to provide you with geocoding services on your behalf.