About Selecta

Selecta is the European leader in vending services and solutions with 130,000 points-of-sale in 24 countries and more than 5,000 employees. It has 80 agencies located throughout France and manages approximately 30,000 vending machines at once in both public areas (service stations, train stations, subways, and airports, etc.) and in the workplace.

Key figures

  • 130,000 retail outlets worldwide;
  • presence in 24 countries;
  • more than 5,000 employees;
  • 80 agencies in France;
  • 30,000 distributors in France.

The challenge

As part of managing workplace vending machines, Selecta wanted to centralize scheduling for maintenance and repair technicians and integrate it into the company information system that manages the customer database, receives service requests, and interfaces with technicians in the field who are equipped with ruggedized PDAs and a specific business application.

In keeping with this same concept, Selecta brought approximately twenty people into one operational center located in the Lyon region to receive calls and assign service calls.

The solution brought by GEOCONCEPT

Selecta chose Opti-Time because of its capability to manage complex constraints - skills, assigning technicians to primary and secondary sectors, managing home departure, etc. - and because it provides options for integrating business management processes into one system.

For practical purposes, repair orders are sent to Selecta’s Movex ERP, primarily via the call center where operators enter service calls directly. They can also be submitted through a voice server.

They are sent to an SQL database, then routed to Opti-Time, which schedules them and then sends them back to the SQL database with an appropriate status indicating whether or not they were able to be scheduled. Once scheduled, service calls are sent one by one to technicians on their mobile device. It is an organizational solution that provides both control and flexibility for technician activity. Service call status is then modified based on its progress (finished, to be rescheduled, etc.) and sent back to the SQL database. Service calls that could not be completed or those that could not be sent to technicians are switched around in the scheduling process.

The solution thus plans work for approximately 150 technicians. Dispatchers can continuously view and manage schedules and can make a change or send a service call to a technician at any time in the case, for example, he is already on site.

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80% automatic allocation of interventions

Improved responsiveness and emergency management

Improved quality of service

"One of the objectives pursued has been perfectly fulfilled as the system gives management and managers a much better visibility on the overall activity of the field teams. Within a few years, we have gone from a planning process scattered between different systems, even manual systems, and different locations, to a geographically centralized solution integrated into the information system flows. This allows a planner to manage twice as many technicians."

Benoît Perello, Technical Director of Selecta

80% of the 600 daily service calls are automatically assigned by Opti-Time. Dispatchers can then focus on resolving difficult cases.

The other advantage of the solution is its responsiveness because the interaction between the field and the scheduling system takes place in real time, which makes it possible to immediately respond to delays, new emergencies, and to strengthen service quality.

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