The GIS service of the city of Lannion is based on the web development platform of GEOCONCEPT, GeoWeb Community, to develop a rich and interactive mapping portal for the citizens.


The challenge of the city of Lannion: the implementation of an interactive mapping portal


Ancient city of Côtes-d’Armor, Lannion is a vibrant and attractive town located in a strategic geographic zone for economic development, halfway between Brest and Rennes, and an hour flight from Paris.

Considered as the capital of Telecoms, Lannion is also an innovative city, which wished in 2009 to set up an interactive mapping portal on its website, replacing a geographic intranet (developed with Geoconcept Web) and existing static city map.

This tool was thus to enable the citizens to benefit from the latest digital technologies in mapping, to dynamically view the map of Lannion and to easily find the relevant information on their various points of interest, the PLU (Local Development Map), the orthophotographs, etc.

Identity card of the City of Lannion

- Coordinates: 48°43'12" North - 3° 26’ 58’’ West
- Altitude : min. 0m - max. 107m
- Area : 43,91 km2
- 20 331 inhabitants, 1100 researchers and engineers, 1700 students
- Capital of Tregor
- Capital of Telecoms
- Member of the Union of Cities of Art and History


GeoWeb Community, platform for development of online mapping services

To implement this project, the GIS unit of the city of Lannion has turned to its historical partner GEOCONCEPT and its development platform dedicated to the territorial management GeoWeb Community. Acclaimed for its ease of use and update as well as its ease in display, this platform facilitated the integration of the mapping functions on the site of the city and offers many advantages :

- A simple tool management. GeoWeb Community proposes many standard ready-to-use services, true managers of security and of authentication, of menus, of graphic design interface, of parameters, of publication of maps.
- Stream-lined IT costs. The solution being hosted, there is neither a hardware solution to install and to maintain, nor a specific Internet link for the bandwidth.
- Improved productivity. The GIS unit of the city of Lannion wished to simply create and maintain the content. Besides, the tool guarantees the relevance of the information published and to limit therefore the technical monitoring on the service.
Fluid display for the users. The updates are more frequent and there is no latency in the display of new names of the streets.

A unique portal for the citizens and the city officials

Operational in November 2009, the interactive portal integrates in April 2011 a temporal lift to display the old orthophotographs (1929-2010). It is organized today around 3 themes (interactive map, hiking, PLU) and 7 tabs (Health/Social, Economy, Culture/Sports Leisure, Travel, Heritage, Education and Public Services), allowing to the users to quickly view the hiking trails, administrations and infrastructures of the city.

« GeoWeb Community offers a unique point of research and consultation of the mapping information for the citizens and the officials of the city », comments Loïc Provost, GIS coordinator.

To simplify the navigation, the mapping portal of the city of Lannion offers a research by area and offers also to display the points of interest (POI) on an area defined around an address. The user can so click on these POIs to find information and the corresponding URL links.

In addition, new projects are being considered to enhance the portal. New themes (touristic, gentle movement, walks) and POI would be therefore added in the short term, and the city is considering also the establishment of a new type of « geographic » portal, which could be consulted from a Smartphone in the street.