Posterscope, an Aegis Media group agency with expertise in local and out-of-home communication, has elected to use solutions by GEOCONCEPT, a leading designer of geographical optimization technologies, to optimize the targeting of its unaddressed printed matter (UPM).

Posterscope’s challenge: to optimize the targeting of its UPM campaigns

Le challenge de Posterscope

Nowadays admail (whether addressed or not) represents around 1/3 of advertisers’ marketing budgets. By collaborating with a member agency of the world’s 5th largest communication group, brands also benefit from the best solutions for quickly attracting traffic to a sales outlet or promoting an offer, thereby efficiently optimising their communication strategy.

Aware of the technical and economic challenges posed by the execution of admail distribution campaigns, and UPM campaigns in particular, Posterscope looked for an overall solution capable of handling all its geo-marketing issues.

These issues encompass in particular the setting up of catchment areas, analysing targeting criteria (for defining distribution area) and devising campaign activity strategies.

This overall solution must enable those responsible for the studies to deal quickly with each stage required to implement an effectively targeted campaign for their clients :
- location, definition or integration of the catchment area
- targeting : around the sales outlet, without a pre-established catchment area or targeting of the highest potential neighbourhoods in a pre-established area.
- dealing with all sales outlets simultaneously
- extracting an operational file to be made available to the service providers (neighbourhoods to be targeted) and clients (quantities) :

« Identifying the most relevant targets is 40% of the success of a UPM campaign » explains Jérôme Vandenbesselaer, Posterscope’s Geo-marketing Manager.
« Effective targeting enables you to avoid losses primarily by hitting the desired target and optimizing the campaign budget by saving oneself wasted printing and distribution costs ».

Posterscope in a nutshell

  • Aegis Media group member agency with expertise in out-of-home communication
  • Established January 2000
  • 48 offices in 20 countries
  • 4 offices in France (Paris, Marseilles, Lyon, Lille)
  • 250 staff in France

Geo-marketing as a decision support and media plan management tool

 Geoconcept Sales & Marketing

Following a market survey, Posterscope elects to deploy a GEOCONCEPT geo-marketing solution : Geoconcept Sales & Marketing is an ad hoc UPM campaign management module. This module is now an integral part of the aforementioned solution.
« GEOCONCEPT’s ability to develop and customize tools that exceed the norm, and to do so within a very short space of time, was clearly a decisive element in the choice of service provider », Jérôme Vandenbesselaer said. « We were also taken by the high quality of the publisher’s "product surround", its ability to address our technical and methodological issues as well as by the quality of its associated data providers, in particular the “Indigo” prospect database owned by its partner Parabellum ».

Geoconcept Sales & Marketing combines a powerful report generator, which automates report publication. The linking of this solution with the UPM campaign management solution gives Posterscope’s staff a unique solution, a real decision support and media plan management tool, which makes it possible to target down to Iris (neighbourhood) level, to create operational files and accurately determine mailpiece quantities.

 Geoconcept Sales & Marketing


The Posterscope staff responsible for the studies compile their clients’ data and constraints to define the catchment areas and achieve optimum targeting, making it possible to organise future UPM distribution to letter boxes, while prioritising the neighbourhoods that are the advertisers’ core target. The tool is also sufficiently flexible to offer different targeting and analytical options, thereby enabling the agency to respond to requests from advertisers from very different sectors and with occasionally complex requirements.

The GEOCONCEPT solution has been fully functional since the beginning of 2013 and addresses all the agency’s GIS issues. The increased productivity (up to 50%) gives the teams more time for their consulting and business intelligence assignments that characterize the agency’s values.

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