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Emergency: Fire Brigade and Ambulance

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COSE helps its clients to define with precision their zones of aerial studies with Geoconcept.

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L'Entente de Valabre - fight against the forest fires

Since 2001, the Entente de Valabre has trusted GEOCONCEPT, the leading European provider of geographical information systems, to optimize the management of the protection of the forests and of the environment against fire.

"Geoconcept is a simple and intuitive solution which allows to firefighters to access all the features, windows and handlings from a single interface. The object-oriented technology of Geoconcept is easy to use since the objects, attributes and settings of maps are stored in the RCM and GCM pair of files. With Geoconcept, the firefighters benefit from all the capabilities of the software including visibility tabs, multi-view, prerecorded positions, simplified edition of background of the maps…" 

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The Fire Brigade of Paris - BSPP

The Fire Brigade of Paris (BSPP) chose GEOCONCEPT for its operational and projected missions. The BSPP will implement the mapping tools of GEOCONCEPT and Générale d’Infographie, its partner, to have a complete GIS for prediction, alert processing (call 18) and command posts.

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The Departmental Fire and Rescue of Maritime Alps (a French region) relies on the performance of GEOCONCEPT solutions to enable its agents to have a quick and easy access to the GIS.

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The Departmental Fire and Rescue of Var (a French region) chose GEOCONCEPT to coordinate and optimize all of its strategic and operational resources involved in thetreatment of emergency alerts.

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Security forces: Gendarmes and Police

logo "Protection Civile de Paris"

La Protection Civile de Paris

Protection Civile de Paris (PCP) - Civil Defence of Paris - chose GEOCONCEPT to implement a performing and interoperable Geographic Information System with the GIS of the Fire Brigade of Paris and the Defense and Security Zone of Paris, serving the civil security.

The Prefecture of the Hérault department in France

The Prefecture of the Hérault department chose GEOCONCEPT to to facilitate strategic decision-making and coordinating all tactical actions in case of crisis management.

Defense: Military interventions

logo "The Army Light Aviation Corps - ALAT"

The Army Light Aviation Corps - ALAT

The Army Light Aviation Corps (ALAT) uses VirtualGeo for Geoconcept to prepare its missions in the field. ALAT chose GEOCONCEPT and its partner EUROAVIONICS to supply a solution that would fulfil all their mission preparation requirements in a virtual reality context.

logo Paratrooper Air Commando No. 10

Paratrooper Air Commando No. 10

Paratrooper Air Commando No. 10, unit of Special Operations Air Force, used Geoconcept geographic information system for many years.

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logo Directorate of Military Intelligence

Directorate of Military Intelligence

The French Directorate of Military Intelligence used for many years Geoconcept geographic information system to optimize the development and management of military information.