Since 2001, the Entente de Valabre has trusted GEOCONCEPT, the leading European provider of geographical information systems, to optimize the management of the protection of the forests and of the environment against fire.

The «New Technology & Risk Management » division

The main mission of the «New Technology & Risk Management» division, or the PôNT, is to promote the use of geomatics tool for risk management by the actors involved in prevention and security in South Zone. Real bridge between different actors, the PôNT is the main interlocutor of a network of Department Councils, fire brigades, prefectural services and national forestry departments.

The objectives of the PôNT are to lead the networks to ensure a zonal consistency, to assist his partners in their missions, to train the users of geomatics tools, to inform about innovative technologies and to coordinate tools, skills and feedback.

The PôNt pilots a geographical database oriented for the Protection Against Forest Fire or DFCI. This base includes the DFCI equipments such as forest tracks, water points, watchtowers, landslide, barrier, turning area, helipad...


  • publishing of consistent and reliable « DFCI maps » to be used by operational services (DFCI atlas, SITAC tool, etc.);
  • creating a management tool dedicated to project managers (scheduling, work programming);
  • establishing necessary indicators for partners to monitor and update the DFCI policy (inventory, planning, financial arbitrage, balance ...).

THE DIRECT BENEFIT of this operation is to have an atlas of maps entitled « Protection Against Forest Fire» updated regularly with the GIS tool.

The SDIS, guided by the PôNT, choose GEOCONCEPT in the fight against the forest fire due to its data storage capacity, its ease of use and its ergonomics.

The partnership with GEOCONCEPT

Thanks to Geoconcept GIS, the Entente de Valabre has set up:

  • a module for the generation of DFCI grid;
  • a module to display specific coordinates in a dedicated bar (DFCI, Azimut, Distance);
  • a module for the generation of atlas;
  • a system to help the staff officer of the zone in decision-making : a zonal information system against the forest fire which allows the location of a field event, the allocation of aerial and land resources in this event as well as the map display of all the events, of the allocated resources (instant graphic summary) and the transmission of reports, of operational summaries to various participants;
  • a SITAC tool : Asphodèle is a tool used by the SDIS, UIISC, BMPM to manage tactical situations «SITAC»;
  • a decision making tool, RiMe GIS, for crisis management, composed of 180 layers of data;
  • several tailored made modules.

In the fight against the forest fire, GEOCONCEPT proposes to firefighters a client/server solution connected to an Oracle database which allows them to:
  • Locate (go to, coordinates, geocoding);
  • Move quickly (optimized route calculation);
  • Define protection or intervention areas (isochrones);
  • Edit papers of map routes as quickly and as simply possible.
The map display provides them with assistance for location identification with the possibility of directly acting on the map elements.


The SDIS, guided by the PôNT, choose GEOCONCEPT in the fight against the forest fire due to its data storage capacity, its ease of use and its ergonomics.
« Geoconcept is a simple and intuitive solution which allows to firefighters, whose primary occupation is not the GIS, to access all the features, windows and handlings from a single interface. The object-oriented technology of Geoconcept is easy to use since the objects, attributes and settings of maps are stored in the RCM and GCM pair of files. Thus, it is lot more simple and rapid to be able to access to all covers, tables, documents, projects... With Geoconcept, the firefighters benefit from all the capabilities of the software including visibility tabs, multi-view, prerecorded positions, simplified edition of background of the maps…» stated the users.