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Construction and Industry

Lafarge Bétons

Lafarge Bétons 

Lafarge Béton uses GEOCONCEPT solutions to improve business performance.
Since it first entered use, the product has aimed to increase network performance : delivery destination, market shares, siting of central distribution centers and cost optimization.

Lafarge Granulats

Lafarge Granulats (France)

Lafarge Granulats has acquired a tool for transportation optimisation, integrated in the process of purchase orders.

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Messer Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of industrial gases, with 112 years' professional experience in the industrial gases industry.

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Mettler Toledo

METTLER TOLEDO is one of the leading manufacturers of precision instruments and a service provider for laboratory and production applications. The company provides product weighing, analysis and inspection solutions to help its clients to speed up processes, improve productivity and comply with regulatory constraints.

METTLER TOLEDO is implementing the Opti-Time solution worldwide and acquiring Opti-Time Mobile in France to optimize its 175 technicians’ curative maintenance operations and regulatory auditing of weighing equipment

“The software proposes solutions and all the scheduler needs to do is confirm the most appropriate one. Tracking the completion of the assignments is very visual, making it easier to understand at a glance which appointments have been confirmed and which not, and which service calls have been completed”.

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Hormann China

Hörmann Beijing Trading Co. Ltd (China)

Hörman Beijing is a manufacturer of doors for housing and industry operating in the European, North American and Asian markets. Hörman Beijing conducts thematic analyses using our Sales & Marketing Portal Geomarketing solution to display their coverage in China (40 retail outlets), conduct location studies, generate reports.

Thanks to the Geoconcept system, Hormann is capable to adjust its development strategy quickly according to the analysis from Geoconcept Sales & Marketing solution.
“The goal is to ensure short distances for our customers all over China, creating and displaying isochrone areas enables us to identify the customer coverage of each sales site as well as to display not covered areas”.

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Luxury products

L'Oréal UK & Ireland

L'Oréal UK & Ireland

L'Oréal Professional Products Division (LPPD), already a customer of our Spanish subsidiary, wanted to streamline and inject momentum into the process for managing and distributing the territories covered by its teams. L'Oréal UK & Ireland, a customer of our partner in the UK, Mapmechanics, uses the Geoconcept GIS and Geoconcept Territory Manager geographical sectoring solution as well as our cartographic data.

Pernod Ricard

Pernod Ricard China

Pernod Ricard, one of the two world leaders in Wines and Spirits, has chosen to deploy its Geoconcept Sales & Marketing Portal in China. This fully-fledged web portal gives access to Geomarketing tools online, enabling Pernod Ricard China to view and analyze its sales teams’ performance.

“At every stage of the project, GEOCONCEPT’s sales and technical teams have been highly professional and responsive,” said Arnaud Delacour, Business Intelligence Project Manager for Pernod Ricard China.

Agri-foodstuffs / food


Quick (France)

Quick uses Geoconcept Sales & Marketing to conduct location studies for developing its network. The solution enables Quick to generate a forecast of potential turnover for each restaurant and publish summary reports for each planned site.

Le Figuier

Le Figuier (France)

LE FIGUIER is a 20-employee business that makes and delivers meals, buffets, cocktails and breakfasts to companies. Its operations cover the Paris and Lille regions. It has approximately 2,500 customers and delivers to 40 to 80 of them each day with a fleet of a dozen vehicles made up of light refrigerated vehicles, and a few two-wheelers.
"Planning is a key point in productivity; TourSolver has automated this process and made it faster and more reliable."

BCS Groupe

BCS Groupe (France)

The BCS Group is a major player in the industrial bakery market. It sells a very wide range of “ready-to-bake” products : breads, Viennese-style baked goods, pastries and catering. Its customers represent the entire agri-food business sector, large and medium-sized supermarkets, distributors, hotel, restaurants and local shops. BCS Sas generates a turnover of 100 million euros and employs a workforce of more than 650 spread across its 8 manufacturing sites in France.

“We save around €6000 per month for all sites collectively equipped with Tour Solver. We can now talk about productive kilometers.”

La Normande (Sodehxo)

La Normande (France)

A subsidiary of the Sodexo Group, La Normande produces and distributes hot and cold ready meals for private and public customers. Based near Dieppe (France), the company is the central kitchen nationally, boasting the biggest production capacity while managing a small number of meals for each subscribing customer with the average being 46 meals per dining location.

“The investment paid for itself in just a few weeks. Over a year 150,000 euros of savings were made.”

La Normande (Sodehxo)

SAGERE (France)

SAGERE S.A.S., a subsidiary of the Sodexo Group, uses the TourSolver solution daily to optimize the delivery of its tray meals.
“With TourSolver, our delivery people are optimized and our customers' occasionally tight delivery slots adhered to” says Pascal BERNARD, Logistics Manager at SAGERE S.A.S.

AGEMO Groupe Thiriet

AGEMO frozen food (Switzerland)

AGEMO is the exclusive distributor of Thiriet ice creams and pastries in Switzerland. AGEMO uses TourSolver to optimize its home delivery routes.

AGEMO Groupe Thiriet

Metro (Canada)

Metro delivers grocery products to Burger King, Bâton Rouge and Subway restaurants, as well as to Petro-Canada gas stations. Metro uses TourSolver to optimize routes for more than 70 vehicles throughout Quebec. The solution enables the scheduling of more than 1000 orders daily, while honoring delivery hours, distribution sectors and twin-temperature vehicles. It enables a number of logistical scenarios to be modelled with the itineraries transferred to the drivers' GPS devices.

Delivery / Maintenance

Culligan (France)

Solution: Opti-Time for GEOCONCEPT

By choosing to implement the Opti-Time for GEOCONCEPT within its project solution Optiservice, Culligan optimizes the management of the schedules of its 230 technicians and improves the quality of its customer service.

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Bubendorff (France)

An after-sales service more and more competitive ! European leader in its activity, the Group Bubendorff became a reference for roller shutters.

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Read the Bubendorff's testimonial (pdf)

K par K

K par K (France)

Since 1989, K K replaces or renovates at private homes, all woodwork such as windows, doors, shutters ...

K par K use GEOCONCEPT solutions for the centralization of the sales administration and service activities: planning and technicians optimization.


Aquassistance (France)

Opti-Time plans all the After-sale services and putting up interventions. The appointment setting process was optimized to ensure Aquassistance the possibilty to offer immediatly an available and optimized appoitment setting to their customers, during the call and in a very short time.


Piscinelle (France)

Piscinelle is a company which installs and maintains garden and swimming pool shelters for private individuals. Piscinelle uses the solution to schedule calls for its 50 technicians on the ground.
“We have gone from a whiteboard filled out by hand and tucked away in a room to a computerized solution, integrated with our Extranet and remotely accessible.”


MGE (France)

MGE by Schneider Electric chose GEOCONCEPT to provide customer service with a powerful planning-aided tool for its mobile technicians.

Read the MGE's testimonial

Read the MGE's testimonial (pdf)


Maintenance / After-sales service


S-Inter (France)

S-Inter is the largest independent in vitro diagnostic device maintenance company for (excluding manufactuers) in France. S-Inter wanted a solution for managing intervention schedules. The objective was to set up a system that would allow full monitoring of interventions, and to respect the required quality standards in the biomedical field.


SPIE (France)

SPIE has chosen Opti-Time for its capacity to schedule in real-time. They also appreciated the conviviality of the interface.
Thus, technicians are always on the field, and the system has to integrate new prioritary jobs and to send them on mobile teams PDA in real-time.


Savelys (France)

Savelys Is the 3rd energy leader in the world. They plans more than 3500 technicians' routes, with 250 agencies.
"The main advantage is the uniformization of methods for the whole territory, and the productivity gain. We can respond in real time to the emergencies of our customers, taking into account their contractual specificities."

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Selecta (France)

Selecta has choosen Opti-Time for GEOCONCEPT to plan the operations of maintenance of its 150 technicians, for its drink vending machine it public areas. Opti-Time allows to plan preventive, curative visits, and to plan in real-time.

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Download the SELECTA 's testimonial (pdf)

Slush Puppie

Slush Puppie (Canada)

Slush Puppie is the world’s number 1 selling ice crystal drink. As part of the Cadbury Schweppes portfolio, it is now available in over 46 countries around the globe. Slush Puppie install and maintain freezers at their customers’. Engineers are permanently on the road.
"In less than 2 days, without any specific training, we managed to output very good results.TourSolver help us reduced our overall operations costs by approximately 20 %"

Services / Cleanliness


ISS (Denmark)

A Danish origin company, ISS now has eight businesses to offer to its customers a comprehensive range of integrated services and that is for the one dedicated to cleanliness that the company integrates the geographic dimension in its internal information system

DSS Sweeping

DSS Sweeping (France)

DSS Sweeping Service operations include Construction Sweeping, Power Washing, and Snow Removal, and Parking Lot Sweeping. The company operates a fleet of over 25 specialized vehicles.

"In less than a day I can plan routes for all of my vehicles. More importantly, we were able to increase our volume by 28% without adding vehicles, fuel or personnel. Our ROI was under 5 months."