Geographical Information System for siting infrastructure

Having efficiently managed their geographical area, the local authorities then have to site the infrastructure required for the area to operate smoothly: technical networks (water, sanitation, lighting, transportation, street furniture...)

Coverage analysis

By virtue of their analytical capabilities, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) ensure coverage of the territory to best effect.
The location of existing networks must be accurately mapped (valves, connections, panels or transformers, special equipment...) while analytical solutions make it possible to assess the quality of coverage and possible deployment of these networks. Local authorities can thus put in place effective strategies for modifying networks or siting new ones.



Siting equipment

The ability of GIS tools to display existing networks and factor in numerous economic, socio-demographic and environmental constraints enables them to determine the ideal location of new infrastructure: public transport routes, improvement of public lighting, management of green spaces… The local authorities’ mastery of geography enables them to offer those they serve an efficient and high quality public service.

Network performance

Possessing comprehensive and up-to-date information on the whereabouts of infrastructure and its condition enables public organizations to measure the performance of their networks. Thanks to the analytical capabilities afforded by GIS, authorities can easily calculate the impact that the siting of new equipment will have on the local economy and take maximum advantage of it.

Our solutions and data

GEOCONCEPT offers a range of solutions covering all your territory analysis requirements.


Geographical Information System

The Geoconcept Geographical Information System is the central kernel of a range of dedicated data and software for managing territorial data.

Discover our Geoconcept Geographical Information System


Customized map rendering modules

Cartographic customization tools enable you to adapt the visual presentation to your requirements.

Discover our module for adding data-entry constraints Drawtools for Geoconcept

Discover our map editor module Publisher for Geoconcept


Mobility modules

Territory analysis tools are frequently used by specialists on the ground. It is then vital that they are able to access them on mobile terminals.

Discover our GIS module Geoconcept Mobile

Address geocoding solution

Accurate geographical positioning of your building addresses, equipment and territorial areas is an indispensable step in achieving reliable and accurate calculations.

Discover our geocoding solution Geoconcept Universal Geocoder


Partners' solutions

GEOCONCEPT has surrounded itself with partners specialized in GIS and public administration who have developed dedicated territory management applications based on Geoconcept technology including:

land registry management, examining town planning and real estate cases, cemetery management, water and sanitation, managing ski areas, managing road infrastructure, urban planning…

These are all applications that enable you to enhance your knowledge of the territory and improve your use of it intuitively and interactively.

Discover our partners' solutions