Online examinations to validate and recognize the Geoconcept users' GIS skills

Online examinations to validate and recognize the Geoconcept users' GIS skills

To promote a quality approach, GEOCONCEPT has entered into a partnership with UCert, an independent certification organization, to enable users to attest officially to their ability to get the most out of the Geoconcept tools.


Certification as a guarantee of quality

Certification as a guarantee of quality

Always on the lookout for qualified partners, companies are becoming increasingly interested in certification processes attesting to professional software users' expertise and qualifications.

Seen as a kite mark of quality, certification makes it possible to validate the mastery of learning material while recognizing the users' expertise.
To complement the teaching programs it has established, GEOCONCEPT has joined forces with independent organization UCert to validate its users' GIS expertise.

Comprising random sequences of questions of varying difficulty, the examination certifies both knowledge and software expertise. Certification thereby makes it possible to validate the mastery acquired on a training course or through self learning while recognizing the individual and his expertise.

Certification as a statement of one's expertise     

UCert certification is open to all, from the student to the expert engineer. As such, whether the candidate is in higher education, a freelance expert, a company employee or seeking employment, he can demonstrate his Geoconcept software know-how and publicize this validation by putting “GEOCONCEPT certified” on his CV or social networking professional pages. He is thereby affirming his knowledge and expertise with his main work tool.  

Certified GEOCONCEPT experts

To ensure optimal service quality, GEOCONCEPT trainers have all obtained UCERT certification in their area of expertise.

Proposed GEOCONCEPT certifications

Certificates for professional users

Two certificates are on offer for regular professional users of GEOCONCEPT software: Geoconcept User certification and Geoconcept Sales & Marketing User certification. These certificates enable the user to differentiate himself from his peers and competitors and, depending on his situation, safeguard his job or makes himself more attractive on the employment market.

The geomarketing certificate for students

The Geoconcept Sales & Marketing Student certificate is intended for higher education students specialized in geomarketing. This certification makes the certified student more attractive on the employment market by guaranteeing his future employer that he knows how to use the software and is therefore immediately operational on this working tool.  

What skills are being evaluated ?

The skills being evaluated depend on the certification being sought. In the certification benchmark, they are broken down into primary competencies and sub competencies.
By way of example, for Geoconcept User certification, the primary competencies are as follows :
C. 1 - Be capable of explaining the Geoconcept philosophy (2 sub competencies)
C. 2 - Be capable of managing one's working environment (2 sub competencies)
C. 3 - Be capable of manipulating the map (4 sub competencies)

C. 4 - Be  capable of enhancing the map (7 sub competencies)
C. 5 - Be capable of interrogating the database (6 sub competencies)

C. 6 - Be capable of mapping data (5 sub competencies)

C. 7 - Be capable of implementing spatial analysis (4 sub competencies)
C. 8 - Be capable of managing mobility (4 sub competencies)

C. 9 - Be capable of manipulating objects (5 sub competencies)

C. 10 - Be capable of publishing maps (3 sub competencies)
The examination therefore spans the software's full gamut of use and the candidate must successfully answer more than 70% of the questions to be certified.

How does one become GEOCONCEPT certified ?

The UCert certification organization is responsible for the entire certification process: managing administrative matters, organizing the certification exam, awarding the certificate, monitoring the certification. All you have to do therefore is to go to the and let yourself be guided. Depending on the candidate's situation (student or professional), the exam can be taken at a higher education establishment, on a training organization’s premises or at work.
Please note: only one resit is permitted. You therefore have to think about revising before sitting the exam !

The advantages for the company

Certifying one or more of one's employees and co-workers gives the company an undeniable added-value with its customers. Be it in presentations or invitations to tender, the company can then point to its commitment to quality: services perfectly delivered by professionals, themselves certified by an independent third party organization. UCert can organize an exam session for several employees on the company's own premises.