API d'optimisation

The Toursolver API now makes it possible to harness the power of a genuine route optimization engine in CRM, ERP, WMS, TMS, GMAO applications.

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Realistic and profitable routes

Be it deliveries, pick-ups, technical callouts, sales appointments, the TourSolver API enables optimal routes to be defined for each resource.
Mileage and operational costs are reduced by between 10 and 30%.

A comprehensive API

This easy-to-integrate Rest API confers complete mastery of the optimization process:

  • Dispatch of the data to be optimized;
  • Initiation of the optimization with receipt of a ticket number;
  • Updating of the optimization status, enabling optimization costs to be tracked over time;
  • Ability to abort the optimization currently in hand;
  • Recovery of the optimized routes (results).

Aperçu d'une fonctionnalité d'analyse géographique de TourSolver.

Multi-constraint, multi-day, multi-resource routes

Customers, resources and depots all have their own specific characteristics. The TourSolver API takes account of numerous constraints and efficiently spreads callouts over one or more days: callout hours, working hours, break times, fleet capacity, quantities to be delivered, expertise, geographical constraints…

Benefits of the cloud

Authentication, queue management, load balancing and multi-tenant: the TourSolver API is 100% hosted and boasts a robust cloud architecture.