Many companies or services have a vehicle fleet to attend to their customers, whether to deliver and collect goods, or to complete maintenance or break-fix calls.

These routes are often worked out manually, the building process is therefore very slow, and not much optimized : it has to comply with the customers’ constraints (time constraints, access...) and the company’s (working hours, skills, overtime...)

Using both a GIS and advanced optimization techniques enables you to build much better call sequences than those organized manually. An automated optimization of your vehicle fleet routes  can cut significant travel costs and reduce travel time, thus improving the time your mobile teams spend servicing customers.

What is routes optimization ? From a list of call locations, actions to be carried out, resources able to carry them out, you associate resources to actions, and find the best sequence to execute them.

You will thus be able to ensure many more deliveries and sales or after-sales calls, with the same resources, while cutting transport costs, reducing traffic hazards and the risk of accident.

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