Opti-Time TourSolver Summer 2021 is available


For the first time, this solution incorporates a scheduling portal offering end customers the ability to choose and amend their call slot themselves. Customers can choose the arrival time depending on their availability to be certain of being in on D-Day, consequently lightening the workload for the teams, who no longer need to get back in touch with customers to schedule or reschedule a visit appointment, thereby making Opti-Time TourSolver the best ally for creating an optimal customer experience.  

In addition to this scheduling portal, the Summer 2021 version comes with numerous other new features, once again focused on the customer experience, but also on improving performance and information sharing. 

Here is an overview of the principal new features of the Summer 2021 version:

Customer-controlled visit scheduling portal 
Customers can now enter their availability for upcoming delivery visits. The logistics teams can also configure the customer portal to retain control, by determining possible timeslot windows, the number of customers per window and compliance with geographical boundaries.

Management of cancelled visits 
Ground truth is often far removed from forecasts. GEOCONCEPT helps mobile teams manage hazards while maintaining customer satisfaction. When a visit or delivery needs to be cancelled, a field team member can now add a personalized page when cancelling a visit informing the customer of the reason for the cancellation (not possible to access the visit site, absence, etc.). A rescheduling button then enables the customer to reschedule this visit via the scheduling portal. 

Scheduling management support
To make it easier to organize routes, GEOCONCEPT is providing a support tool for the data import and sorting phase, making it even more intuitive. The logistics teams can now directly download an Excel file template, with an intelligent and intuitive data population support tool. Geocoding is also enhanced with a new interface for selecting the addresses to be geocoded if these addresses are not automatically detected. Moreover, if the Excel files that have been loaded contain errors, the tool now offers correction tips and candidates.

Sharing schedules in the cloud and PowerPoint
The GEOCONCEPT Summer 2021 version facilitates the export and sharing of route schedules. These schedules can be downloaded as Excel files, and now exported to the cloud – for users of the Microsoft 365 suite, in the OneDrive cloud; and for users of the Google suite in Google Drive. Furthermore, logistics teams can now share route simulations via their companies, by means of a URL accessible to a wide public, which can comprise individuals with no access to Opti-Time TourSolver. In the software’s Premium and Expert versions, it is possible to export an automatic report in PowerPoint, PowerPoint 365 or Google Slides. 

The Summer 2021 version also comes with the following new features:
•    Activity-specific personalization of the Opti-Time TourSolver interface: For example, for teams managing deliveries, quantities can be renamed “Packages”;
•    HGV traffic constraints displayed on the route map, with the ability to control movements via the map;
•    Display of the distance between two stages of the itinerary;

The mobile application is available for all mobile field resources, at no extra cost. It can be found on Google Play or the App Store.

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