With Opti-Time Cloud 3.0, the customer experience is at the heart of enhancements with this new version for even greater geographical optimization in the cloud.


GEOCONCEPT is today announcing the launch of Opti-Time Cloud 3.0, the new version of its field service management cloud application.

As a cloud-based geographical optimization reference solution fully integrated with the Salesforce environment, the Opti-Time Cloud 3.0 app is receiving a makeover and putting the geographical experience at the heart of its new features to improve companies’ organization of their day-to-day activities. 

Available on the AppExchange, Opti-Time Cloud enables decision-makers and operational staff to improve their customer knowledge, to better prepare their movements throughout the day and to optimize the schedules of different resources over several days.

Version 3.0 of Opti-Time Cloud offers a new design, compatible with the Lightning Design System, and inspired by mobile ergonomics, ensuring ease and speed of use. The geoscheduling features are now available from the Salesforce1 field service application. Finally, geographical coverage has been extended to enable more than 200 countries, or nearly 2 billion people, to benefit from the solution’s power. 

Compatibility with the Lightning Design System for improved ergonomics 
The user interfaces of this new version of Opti-Time Cloud have been completely redesigned to satisfy the requirements of the Salesforce Lightning Design System. Opti-Time Cloud 3.0’s new design offers a better user experience thanks to more up-to-date and mobile use of its geographical optimization features.

Greater mobility with geoscheduling available from the Salesforce1 field service application
Opti Time-Cloud 3.0’s geoscheduling features are now available in the field from the Salesforce1 mobile application. Automatic scheduling of optimized appointments over several days directly from one’s tablet is one of the new features that will provide field personnel with easier access to the benefits of geoscheduling.

Moreover, the optimization parameters tab has been enhanced with a personalization interface to make it easier for the user to fine-tune the chosen perimeter for the optimization to be performed.

Extended geographical coverage After Africa, the Middle East and Japan, it is Oceania’s turn to benefit from the solution’s geoscheduling capabilities. With this latest extension of its geographical coverage, Opti-Time Cloud is making geo-optimization available to users in more than 200 countries.

Opti-Time Cloud 3.0 is available on the AppExchange in its various cumulative versions: Geo, Tour and Optim.