New range of GIS solutions: GEOCONCEPT GIS 2021


As France’s foremost geographical optimization company, GEOCONCEPT is redesigning its GIS range around the simplicity of the user experience: simplicity of data use, access, gathering and sharing.

Paris, France, 3 november, 2020 : GEOCONCEPT announces the overhaul of its range of GIS software, now known as: Geoconcept GIS. The primary objective of this overhaul: to help organizations exploit the full potential of their territory while responding to new user requirements in terms of ergonomics, access to tools, and the gathering and sharing of data.

To mark this overhaul, GEOCONCEPT is unveiling the new features of the 2021 edition of its new range, firmly focused on simplicity. Organizations have become aware of the need to master their territory to optimize their decision-making. Nowadays they need turnkey solutions that are easier to use, and more flexible. It is with this in mind that this GIS range has been completely redesigned, around new business functionality, a more collaborative approach, and a subscription-based sales model (Software as a Service model – SaaS).

To sum up its offering, GEOCONCEPT is now concentrating its expertise around two major solution ranges: Geoconcept GIS (cartographic analysis, geo-marketing, GIS dedicated to defense, cartographic web portals) and Opti-Time (optimization of movements by resources in the field), complemented by a comprehensive offering of geo-optimization APIs (geocoding, territory management, planning, etc.).

A more collaborative approach

Always on the lookout for more ergonomic solutions, uses will appreciate the new features that Geoconcept GIS 2021 offers, especially the Superior user experience (UX): formatting, search function, hidden tabs, functional shortcuts, personalization of commands…
Collaboration and sharing are also part of this new range’s DNA. New map interaction capabilities in particular enable iterative editing of maps without closing the tabs or saving the changes. Particular attention has also been given to managing the centralization of a map’s resources, enabling a common reference table to be shared with several colleagues.
Moreover, Geoconcept GIS 2021 incorporates advanced web publishing features that make light work of sharing analyses and data on the Internet. The use of geo-optimization APIs in web mode, web maps and topographical queries enable the user to enrich existing analyses with innovative features (route calculation, search around…) and to have data that is always up to date. Enhanced features for creating and administering web portals also simplify the management of cartographic websites.

A simplified offering with features that are now standard

With its new range, GEOCONCEPT is simplifying its offering: fewer different product versions and features now available as standard with the solutions that previously were only accessible via add-on modules. Features such as reporting, the intelligent display of map elements, or the centralization and sharing of data between users are thus available in solutions natively, at no extra cost, guaranteeing all users extensive functional reach and providing them with the best possible analytical support.

A new subscription model (SaaS)

Attuned as it is to market developments and its customers’ needs, GEOCONCEPT confirms the progressive migration of all its solutions to cloud computing.
From a license-based sales model, GEOCONCEPT is transitioning to a subscription mode (SaaS) to offer its customers greater flexibility. Users can thereby more easily and quickly adjust their consumption depending on their needs (upward or downward), while benefiting from new features that are now available as standard.
“We were keen to build an emphatically more mature, powerful and collaborative offering. The outcome is the new GEOCONCEPT GIS range of solutions”, explains Eric Lanzi, GEOCONCEPT’s CEO.

To mark the launch of Geoconcept GIS 2021, GEOCONCEPT is offering its customers preferential migration conditions until the end of the year: find out more.