Founded in 1990 by its current management, the GEOCONCEPT Group is progressively developing its technical expertise and sales offerings.


Company created by Eric Lanzi, CEO and Marc Bannelier, General Manager and Technical Director. Launch of the Geoconcept kernel on Macintosh


Development of a PC version


First French company to integrate georeferenced rasters on a PC


International opening with an entry into Switzerland, followed by  England


First foray into Asia


Launch of Sales & Marketing (S&M), an application solution dedicated to producing geomarketing analyses


Launch of the GeoScheduling Suite (GSS), the first software solution that combines GIS with scheduling and optimization engines


Launch of the Geoconcept G6nk kernel, the product of an in-depth restructuring aiming to respond to new challenges and new ways of using cartographic technologies


IGN chooses GEOCONCEPT technology for its V2 Geoportal


GEOCONCEPT opens its Chinese subsidiary and now follows and supports efficiently its customers in Asia.


Launch of Geoconcept Sales & Marketing Portal, a full web solution giving access to tools for cartographic reporting and simple geomarketing studies.


Launch of the e-learning platform , offering training interactive modules on products and business-specific solutions, reinforcing GEOCONCEPT's offerings in training and support.


GEOCONCEPT celebrates 20 glorious years of existence.


Acquisition of Opti-Time, publisher of mobile team scheduling solutions. 
This acquisition made the GEOCONCEPT Group the leader in mobility and geographical information optimization.

GEOCONCEPT also opens its Indian subsidiary.


GEOCONCEPT launches TourSolver for Geoconcept : the route optimization software is now available for the GIS GEOCONCEPT.


GEOCONCEPT launches the Geoptimization System.

Having established a confident presence in the geographical information space, GEOCONCEPT wished to extend the use of these technologies to other business areas.

Optimising the geography of marketing and logistics processes and of  technical and sales staff mobile operations alike marked this change in strategic direction under the banner “geoptimization”.


GEOCONCEPT embarks on the cloud technology route and offers two new applications: Opti-Time Cloud 2.0, the new version of the field service management cloud application, and Geoconcept Geolocate, the mobile geolocation application for professionals.

GEOCONCEPT also confirms its presence in Asia with a comprehensive geomarketing data offering for India and China.