Geomarketing is using geographical intelligence to optimize decision-making processes as regards sales and marketing.

Geomarketing fits into a wider dynamic : customer conquest and CRM. Geomarketing brings you tools to enhance your knowledge of your customers’ profile, to discover new income pools and improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your marketing actions.

For a few years, geomarketing has passed a turning point and has become an essential part of organizations’ strategic operational reflections.

Technologies have tremendously advanced :
They are now more powerful, easier to use, and offer wider deployment and communication possibilities, making work more cooperative. Cartographical data are more exhaustive and affordable, socioeconomic and behavioral data are richer every day.

A characteristic proof of geomarketing being democratized : for a few years, relocated tools have operated, enabling workers to use geomarketing daily, notably through light intranet interfaces.

Understand The purpose of Geomarketing is to enhance organizations’ commercial performances. Thanks to an optimization process based on a geographical analysis, you can find the best solution, the best network size, merchandising choice, direct marketing targeting, division into sectors.

With geography as a common system of reference, geomarketing can match up companies’ internal data (such as customer data, prospective customers or sales outlets) with external statistical data (population, market, competition) from the INSEE, Consodata...

The main optimized activities are :

  • Agencies and sales network location
  • Sales territory allocation
  • Targeting of marketing actions (mailing, communication...)
  • Product offer adapting to the surrounding customers (geomerchandising)

Optimize your sales outlet networking

When you have to manage your existing sales outlet networking, or to decide a new sales outlet location, geomarketing helps you analyze the economic and demographic development of the concerned territory, analyze the competition, the existing and prospective customers, work out the underexploited areas... You also define catchment areas and their potential, analyze the cannibalization risk... Therefore, thanks to geomarketing, you work out the perfect size for your sales outlet networking and thus decide the appropriate location for your new site.


Allocate and balance your sales territories

Thanks to geomarketing, you can display your sales territories, and assess their performances... Thanks to potential indicators (number of customers, turnover) you can also automatically balance the allocation of your sales teams according to your sectors’ potentials.


Accurately target your direct marketing operations

When you send leaflets without addresses, you must accurately target the catchment area on which you want to communicate. Geomarketing has you optimize the cost-effectiveness of those direct marketing actions while increasing their impact factors.


Adapt your offer to your customers’ profile

Geomarketing precisely characterizes your customer area in order to define the best sales outlet mix and assortment.
Geomarketing thus offers innovative techniques to develop a real spatial marketing.