Geographical sectorisation: GEOCONCEPT unveils Geoconcept Territory Manager Summer 2020


Sales representative turnover, activity peaks, extended delivery distances… These are factors that impact the company business.
Summer 2020 new version of Geoconcept Territory Manager, our territory management solution, focuses especially on personalization putting the users' needs first

Geoconcept Territory Manager, the cloud solution that fairly distributes work, teams, and resources

Accessible, simple, fast, and efficient, Geoconcept Territory Manager is THE benchmark web solution for fairly distributing work, teams, and resources on a geographical basis. Sales managers, schedulers and decision-makers use this intuitive tool to define omni-channel, performance-driven strategies: balanced sales targets, optimal market coverage and improved field team productivity.

All the advantages of the cloud combined within a strategic solution for building balanced, realistic, and profitable sectors in just 3 steps:

1.    Display one’s organization: view the current geographical distribution of work, teams and resources (customers, regional agencies, points of sale, warehouses, assigned areas...);

2.    Understand one’s organization: identify the imbalances and dysfunctions jeopardizing achievement of the objectives: oversized geographical sectors, unfair potential, customers not covered...;

3.    Optimize one’s organization: automatically balance sectors (workload, quantities to be delivered, distance to be covered, potential turnover…), change objectives and anticipate changes to define the optimal apportionment of activities and resources.

This new version is all about personalization. Be at the capabilities of the optimization engine, the cartographic rendering of the analyses, familiarization with the interface or sharing results, Geoconcept Territory Manager Summer 2020 puts the user and his needs at the heart of the solution to ensure results appropriate to his strategy and the reality on the ground.  

Principal new features of Geoconcept Territory Manager 2020:

Geographical optimization of sectoring:

  • Defining one’s own individual degree of optimization (extent of modification permitted by sector);
  • Defining the sectors’ barycenter depending on the field of one’s choosing;
  • Automatically displaying time data in hours:minutes;
  •  Optimizing superimposed points.

Geographical representation of sectoring:

  • Superimposing different layers of information;
  • Displaying flows;
  • Personalizing labels;
  • Concealing the points comprising the sector;
  • Displaying the title of density analyses;
  • Highlighting administrative boundaries;

Ergonomics and familiarization with the solution:

  • Personalizing the interface;
  • Accessing notification;
  • Zooming into the map;
  • Renaming indicators.
  • Defining and recording selection filters;
  • Enjoying numerous ergonomic improvements in querying, selecting, editing and optimizing data.

Sharing results:

  • Exporting all values;
  • Adding dynamic totals in the results reporting tables;
  • Generating a results file per sector.


The solution has been devised for ultra-intuitive use enabling all user profiles quickly to become proficient in its use. The user is guided step by step through each stage of sectoring. Data integration, consultation, selection, publication, and sharing is flexible and user-friendly.
100% Cloud
From importing the data to exporting the sectoring results, the user does everything online and benefits from the many advantages of a SaaS solution: no installation, no maintenance, no training. The user is fully independent: he logs into the solution on the Internet, uploads his data to the cloud, defines the solution configurations, studies various sectoring scenarios, and shares the results, all with just one click.

Business expertise
Salesforce organization, sales sector segmentation, balancing service call territories, zoning of logistics operations… no matter what the problem, Geoconcept Territory Manager defines the optimal allocation appropriate to the user’s business. Thanks to the solution’s editing capabilities, the user can manually reconstruct sectors based on his field knowledge, thereby managing his own activity’s and customers’ specific characteristics.

Geoconcept Territory Manager uses powerful optimization algorithms to automatically generate the optimal sectoring solution combining geographical compactness and statistical business data (balanced turnover potential, fair workload…).

GEOCONCEPT’s geographical optimization solutions generate large and rapid productivity gains. Defining an optimized sectoring improves one’s performance and cost management at every level: better team productivity, efficient managerial organization, better achievement of objectives, optimal market coverage and neighborhood network, shorter callout duration and delivery times, a better customer relationship…