GEOCONCEPT unveils TourSolver Cloud 3.0, a route optimization solution in SaaS mode


More features, constraints managed, countries covered and greater openness: TourSolver Cloud 3.0 makes route optimization in the cloud even easier, more accessible and user-friendly.

GEOCONCEPT is today announcing the launch of TourSolver Cloud 3.0, the new version of its SaaS route optimization solution. This tool enables logisticians, planners and mobile resources as a whole to define optimal route plans in 4 steps, while taking account of the constraints imposed not only by customers and human resources but by each vehicle’s specific characteristics as well. 

TourSolver Cloud 3.0 targets companies wishing to adopt an intuitive and powerful tool that is easy to configure to the business terminology and compatible with all fleet sizes. Thanks to its powerful optimization algorithms, TourSolver Cloud ensures lower logistics costs, more service calls, improved customer service quality and reduced CO2 emissions.

Principal new features of TourSolver Cloud version 3.0:

Multi-site/depot optimization: The solution automatically defines the routes to be operated from and to the various sites/depots, while complying with each of their specific constraints (loading/unloading times, available stock, allocation, location…). This feature ensures profitable routes, optimal resource allocation and is a considerable time saving for the scheduler.

Definition of prohibited road transit zones: For a variety of reasons: markets, roadworks, accidents, etc…, zones can be closed to traffic; TourSolver Cloud now takes account of changes in the road network. The roads included in the defined zone will no longer be used for optimization and all the routes will bypass it.

Pedestrian mode: A pedestrian mode is accessible from the interface to optimize movements by mobile teams moving on foot.  

Sophisticated configuration of resources and depots: To ensure the scheduler is capable of faster and more flexible management of teams, depots and scheduling, new features are available for managing resources (management of multiple resource teams, selection of the team and available resources when initiating the optimization) and for managing depots (opening hours and days, available stock, resource allocation, loading time…).

Improved publication of optimization results: Routes exported in Excel format are now enhanced with a map. The route plan can also be sent by e-mail, either grouped or personalized, for populating diaries (Google, Outlook…) for better collaboration.

Extended geographical coverage: After Africa and the Middle East, TourSolver Cloud is continuing its geographical expansion and now covers Oceania (Australia, New Zealand and numerous Pacific islands and archipelagos) and Japan.

API: For better integration with third-party applications, the routes obtained with the TourSolver Cloud API can use TourSolver Cloud’s interface for presenting results, meaning they can be displayed in map, table and schedule form..

All the novelties of TourSolver Cloud are available on