GEOCONCEPT presents the new version of its tour optimisation solution: Opti-Time TourSolver Summer 2020


Summer 2020 version of Opti-Time TourSolver is now available! It helps field teams at every step of the optimization process to be more efficient. Get to know about all new features that help improve productivity.

Encouraging collaborative working, personalizing communication with the end customer and improving activity analysis and user productivity: these are all promises kept by Opti-Time TourSolver Summer 2020. This new version of the solution offers its users a real leap forward. Apart from ergonomic improvements making familiarization with the application ever more intuitive, customer and user management, and communication with end customers have undergone profound change.

There is no need for systematic data import; a customer reference table is now saved in the application. Also, to enable multiple co-workers to work from the same environment, the administrator can now create as many access accounts as necessary. Finally, to ensure optimal service quality, the customer experience takes on a new dimension with the provision of customizable satisfaction surveys, the responses to which are saved and can be used directly within the application.

Principal new features of  Opti-Time TourSolver Summer 2020:

  • Advanced customer management (customer reference table, business fields, automatic updating of values from the mobile app and the satisfaction survey);

A mini-revolution in Opti-Time TourSolver Summer 2020 lends a new dimension to customer management. Whereas previously the customer visit list had to be imported for each new simulation, the solution now confers the ability to save information on 100,000 customers: a real increase in productivity when processing and optimizing customer reference table data.

A new Customers tab enables searching of this centralized database at any time and updating of information on one or a selection of customers. 

The user can enhance this reference table at any time with personalized business fields (number, text, Boolean, date, time or URL) enabling more detailed description of customer information. This data will then be particularly helpful in managing business constraints and the planning information required for each customer. Such as: only optimizing GOLD-Type customers.

Another major strength of this new customer management: certain items of information are automatically updated via the mobile application (such as last visit date or next visit date) and by direct customer notifications (satisfaction level, comments…). For example, it only takes a few clicks to identify dissatisfied customers, within the database, and to initiate an optimization to visit them as a matter of priority.

  • Enhanced customer experience (personalized satisfaction survey, upgraded SMS and email content);

Numerous improvements have been made to facilitate and enhance communication with end customers. 

An important new feature in improving the customer experience is that the user can configure and personalize the satisfaction survey sent to the customer once the visit has been completed. The integrated survey tool enables him to choose the type or types of questions he wishes to ask the end customer. This therefore makes it easy for him to create his own satisfaction survey, the results of which will be automatically saved in the customer file and able to be used if need be during any further optimization.

What is more, the information to be shared with the end customer by email and SMS is now personalized centrally from the “configure customer experience pages” wizard. A general tab enables the elements that are common to all items to be defined (visit timeslots, imminent arrival and visit completion) with specific tabs providing access to item-specific configuration.

It is now possible therefore to add a contact url when sending the visit timeslot and to select the items to be displayed in the visit completion communication (report captured by the service agent, visit-related documents, signature…). On the subject of the visit completion report, the user can now also easily select, from within the mobile app’s configuration function, the report fields he wishes to provide the customer with, or not:

  • Multi-account management (addition of users and assignment of roles and organizations);

Opti-Time TourSolver Summer 2020 makes optimization universally accessible. To make collaborative working easier, the solution administrator can now create access accounts for an unlimited number of users.

Management tools for users and their associated roles have been incorporated in the application to ensure the optimal use of the solution and data alike. The users therefore have access to different views of the company’s data, ensuring greater security.

It is then an easy matter for the administrator to parameterize the following for each user:
-    his details and solution access ID;
-    his role or roles, which define the features he can access (if a category is not selected, the user will not see the associated tab in the interface);
-    all the organizations to which he has access.

The organizations enable data filtering (customers, resources, simulations, by user groups). The administrator can define as many organizations as necessary.

  • New data display and analytical capabilities (geographical density of activity, customer typology, logistic weaknesses);

Improving data display to refine its analysis is one of this version’s major new features.

Opti-Time TourSolver Summer 2020 provides users with three new ways of displaying and analyzing data:

-    geographical density of activity: a heat map enables the geographical density of the visits to be represented, and duration and quantity as well.

This display mode is activated with a single click from the map in the Optimization and Customers tabs.

-    customer typology: to improve map legibility, the user can now associate map marker color with the color defined in the visit table. If therefore, for example, he has decided to display VIP customers in the table in red and prospects in yellow, the latter will be identifiable directly from the map when you activate this color code.

-    logistic weaknesses: a new graph enables customer commitments (time slot size in hours communicated to customers) to be related to available resources (vehicle and driver availability). The objective of such a report is quickly to identify the visit timeslots in which the company’s logistical capabilities need to be strengthened by putting in place subcontracting and/or introducing overtime, for example.

  • Ergonomic improvements (advanced modularity, simplification of the interface, embedded map tools…)

Opti-Time TourSolver Summer 2020 provides the user with a 100% flexible and customizable interface to adapt the solution to user preferences.

The optimization page has been re-imagined, making it more compact and flexible: 
-    scroll bar width, row height in tables, and in the filter…: the increase in useful space is around 25%. 
-    The visual load has also been optimized through the display of rapid action buttons, only when hovering over the target areas.
-    To simplify the workspace, it is now possible to combine panes (visits, maps, details, routes) as tabs. 
To ensure optimal legibility of data in the table, the column width can be manually redefined using 2 modes: resize to fit or wrap text. 

Displaying or concealing map elements is now easier and more comprehensive as well:

-    an enhanced layer manager provides quick access to different cartographic backgrounds (map, satellite, terrain, traffic…);
-    it is now possible to conceal the first and last journey of a route and resource location.

  • Various enhancements (auto-completion, personalized geo-coding representation and tolerance threshold, viewing of resources, new business names...)


An address auto-completion function has been added in the optimization page to make searching in the map faster. Easily finding a locality or adding a new visit from the map has never been so fast.
More advanced selection tools have been incorporated to make the user’s task easier and optimizes productivity: incremental selection by clicking and a circle mode which displays the radius, particularly useful for quickly estimating the distance between 2 points, for example.

If he so wishes, the user can now decide the start time of a route generated using the “route scheduling” feature.


Geocoding has also benefited from a raft of improvements. To ascertain the quality of the addresses geocoded by Opti-Time TourSolver more quickly, color coding now enables the addresses one would like to relocate to be recognized at a glance. Moreover, the geocoding error tolerance threshold can now be personalized. The higher the score defined by the administrator, the more demanding the geocoder is, and the fewer poor-quality addresses will be geocoded.


The location of resources can now be displayed on a map. Clicking on the team displays all the resources and clicking on a specific resource displays the departure and arrival points on the map.
Finally, to cater for the biggest possible number of businesses, new terms have been added to the existing list of available terms for personalizing the captions used in the application. Visits can now be inspections, resources can be inspectors and customers can be holders.


The solution has been designed for ultra-intuitive use, enabling every user profile to use it (2 user modes – standard and advanced – will be available). The user is guided step-by-step through each optimization stage, data integration is a cinch and an illustrated integrated user help tool is at the very heart of the solution. The overall configuration is recorded when first going online and can be modified subsequently if so required.
100% cloud
From purchasing the solution to exporting the optimization results, the user does everything online, benefiting from the many advantages of a SaaS solution: no installation, no maintenance, no training. The user operates with complete autonomy, he connects to the solution on the Internet, uploads his data to the Cloud and defines the configuration of the solution...  

Business expertise
The solution adapts to the user’s business. Depending on the defined activity (logistical, technical, commercial) the constraints taken into consideration are automatically tailored to business specifics (e.g.: vehicle capacity for delivery staff, skills for the technicians…).

Opti-Time TourSolver’s powerful optimization algorithms generate the most profitable organization and routes possible while taking account of customer constraints, human resource-related constraints and each vehicle's specific characteristics. 

Reducing as it does distance and travel time, Opti-Time TourSolver enables you quickly to score some major wins : 15% reduction in mileage and associated costs, greater productivity, better customer service, lower CO2 emissions ...