Formation Face à face

GEOCONCEPT offers sessions on either an inter company or intra company basis.

In inter-company mode, a representative scenario of the various businesses covered enables you to acquire the techniques and knowledge of the Geoconcept functional tools required to conduct your projects. Audiences from very different backgrounds can interact extensively with one another and benefit from each individual's experiences.

In intra-company mode, the trainer, a specialist in the application area, devises a customized lesson plan reflecting the exact definition of your requirements and guides you step-by-step in learning the features essential to the setting up of your project. 

It is also possible to opt for made-to-measure customized support to take account of the students' constraints and project requirements. Learning then takes place within the environment of the project to be established, with teaching materials prepared exclusively on the basis of the expressed requirements.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with your business engineer for any request for customized support.

Geomarketing training (standard and expert level)

Two levels of training on the Geoconcept Sales & Marketing product are offered :

Standard level (3 days)

Intended for novice users, this session enables you to acquaint yourself with the philosophy of the Sales & Marketing product and its essential features. Real scenarios teach you to solve problems specific to geomarketing: territory analysis, defining a catchment area, simulating the location of a site...

Expert level (2 days)

Reserved for the most experienced users, this session enables you to discover all the most advanced Sales & Marketing features. Among the features dealt with are the simulation (Huff and MCI gravity models) and Modeler for Geoconcept features [Lien : module PDM] (association with data mining).

To cope with this training course, you must have attended the standard session and have a command of Geoconcept or Geoconcept Sales & Marketing.
To request training, please contact your business engineer.

GIS component developer / integrator

GIS kernel and Geoconcept kit training course (2 days)

This training course is especially intended for partners wishing to develop applications built around Geoconcept.

The areas covered include Geoconcept's essential features, the subtleties, the details, the tips and tricks...

In 2 days, you will become acquainted with the philosophy behind the Geoconcept generalist development kit and take part in designing an external application using all the available tools.
To request training, please contact your business engineer.

Web technologies training course

Web technologies training course (2 days)

This session teaches you the necessary concepts and methods for putting in place a remote working interface for cartographic data in an Internet/Intranet environment.
To request training, please contact your business engineer.

Client / Server architecture training course

Geoconcept Enterprise + console (1 day + 1 day)

This session is your introduction to the operating methods behind the client/server version of Geoconcept, Geoconcept Enterprise (GCE) : import/export links, permanent links, management of information flows and user rights for the different levels of information.

With one additional day, you will discover the dedicated administration console for administering a cartographic database, with the definition and setting up of user profiles, rights, components...
To follow this training course, you must possess expert mastery of Geoconcept and sound knowledge of what it is to be a database administrator.
To request training, please contact your business engineer.