The comprehensive, user-friendly and powerful geomarketing solution

Geoconcept Sales & Marketing brings together all the necessary components to manage corporate geographical and marketing information:  site selection studies, targeting, districting, reports...


Coverage analysis, districting, 2D, 3D and 4D thematic display


Isochrones, isodistance, customers, grouping, theoretical attraction


Local adaptation and site selection of communication (ISA, display, internet geolocated...) 


Activity and synthesis reports, geographical dashboards

Representation of business and marketing data

Loyalty files, census, consumption statistics…

Geoconcept Sales & Marketing connects to your databases and displays them in the geographical area in 2D, 3D and 4D

Implementation and development of networks

To ensure optimum market coverage, Geoconcept Sales & Marketing analyses strengths and weaknesses of your network with that of your competitors.

Available features: thematic representation, catchment areas, coverage analysis, reporting...

Communication and direct marketing

Geography considerably enhances customer knowledge.

The solution locates priority prospecting areas and allows you to devise profitable targeting strategies tailored to each customer profile.

Districting and organisation

Geoconcept Sales & Marketing helps you to define the redistricting best suited to your market and strategy, simulate new sales territories and exploit their potential to the full.

Sharing and collaboration

Implementation projects, activity and synthesis reports, business reporting…

Geoconcept Sales & Marketing allows you to disseminate in just one click your studies to your management, your team, your customer.

Districting, modeling, mass-generation of reports...

Discover additional modules of the Geoconcept Sales & Marketing solution.

Redistricting : Territory Manager for Geoconcept  
Modeling : Modeler for Geoconcept  
Reporting : Reports for Geoconcept  
Publishing of cartographic portals : Geoconcept Web  

Geomarketing directly in the field

Thanks to its touch mode, Geoconcept Sales & Marketing installs on new-generation hybrid PCs and allows the users to take benefit of their solution in the field.

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