TourSolver for MapInfo©

The drivers routing software that helps you optimize your vehicle route planning :
optimize your routes and reduce your costs !


Evaluate and optimize your existing routes.


Schedule your routes taking into account your vehicles and staff constraints (loadings, delivery slots, staff diaries).


Export your dispatching plannings to your drivers’ PDA.

Reduce your costs

Reduce the cost of your routes by 15% and improve your productivity!

TourSolver is a software which enables you to automate and optimize the management of your routes itineraries while complying with your resource and client need-related constraints.

TourSolver is easy to use. It is the ideal solution for small and medium companies who want to adopt a simple tool with a fast return on investment.

TourSolver for MapInfo© is an add-on for the GIS desktop software MapInfo© Professional

MapInfo© Professional is a registered trademark of Pitney Bowes Corporation.

Immediate and significant savings

TourSolver cuts vehicle costs by 15% on average, & increases productivity.

You reduce travel distances and fuel expenses, and limit your transports' impact on the environment.

You can adapt your fleet size to match your actual requirements.

Increased Productivity

TourSolver makes you increase your productivity, by optimizing the plannings of your mobile teams.

Schedule quickly with a few clicks. Increase delivery volume without additional costs.

Optimize mobile team schedules.

TourSolver for MapInfo© Schedule and optimize your routes in four steps

Place Customers and Vehicles on the map

automatically and straight from postal addresses held in your information system or a mere Microsoft Excel, Access or Text file.

Configure optimization settings

depending on the number of your ressources, itinerary and loading constraints, your delivery times, hours cost, etc.
Launch the optimization

You follow your route optimization on the calculation pane in real time.

You can visualize:
• The global planning with the ordered list of customers visited per vehicle
• Distance, durations, costs, vehicles capacity used...
• The reduction of your cost with visual indicators, until the final and optimized planning is created.
• The reduction of your Carbon footprint (CO2)

Exploit the results

Export the planning of each one of your drivers

as well as their road sheets, in Excel, Word or Text format, with the visualization of their itineraries on maps.
Export your planning to mobile devices (electronic planning, navigation system, fleet vehicle tracking)

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