The new generation GIS solutions

A cartographic website for public use, a georeferenced knowledge base and Big Geodata, automated and operational reports for the emergency services...

The Geographical Information System (GIS) is becoming collaborative to prompt organizations to work together and take appropriate decisions.

Territorial knowledge

Geocoding, thematic representation and analysis, network management

Optimized decisions

Route optimization, route calculation, 3D analysis, search around function...

Information sharing

Geographical reports, cartographic websites, publishing of online maps

Mobility of teams in the field

GIS in touch-sensitive mode, responsive design websites, geolocation.

Comprehensive, powerful and simple Geographical Information Systems.

Desktop solution

  • Reference GIS solution
  • Creation, management and analysis of geographical data
  • Database and Web Maps connectivity
  • Touch-sensitive interface
  • Online geocoding
  • Optimization features: sectoring, route calculation...
  • Integrated report generator
  • Publication of maps and reports on the web

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Web solution

  • Web-based solution for publishing maps and creating geographical applications
  • Numerous geo-optimisation features (geocoding, route calculation, optimisation, search around function...)
  • Intuitive interface designer
  • New generation installer
  • SOAP/REST web services
  • Websites suitable for mobile use (responsive design)

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Additional solutions:

Geocoding : Geoconcept Universal Geocoder 
Automatic report solution: Reports for Geoconcept 
GIS for defense : Geoconcept Défense 

GeoConcept viewer version 7.0

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The GEOCONCEPT GIS addresses all your business issues:


Site and prospection simulation, catchment area, sectoring, reporting, route optimization and real-time scheduling, Business Intelligence ...

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Territorial geography analysis and management, GIS tools for infrastructures and utilities management, cartographic portals...

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Preparing missions, risk assessment, alert management, publishing intelligence information, managing teams on the ground…

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What is a GIS ?

A GIS (Geographic InformationSystem) is an informatic solution that allow to organize, analyse and visualize information on a cartographic view.
Apart from map creation and publishing, GIS covers the collation, combination and use of geographically located information, be they in image form (raster) or vector data.

Geographical Information Systems have many uses. They are relevant to all businesses whose operations are terrain, and thus geographically, related : marketing analyses (geomarketing, performance analysis), delivery route optimization, sales route optimization, management of technicians' schedules (after sales service, installation and maintenance),  management of local authority equipment and infrastructure, strategic and operational management of the security forces  (defense, fire service, police, ambulance) ...
GEOCONCEPT is Europe’s leading Geographical Information System (GIS) publisher .

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