The most powerful geocoding solution on the market

The precursor stage to any spatial analysis, geocoding of geographical data requires accuracy and quality.

Combining performance and speed, Geoconcept Universal Geocoder is the indispensable solution for geocoding large volumes of data the world over. 


Batch geocoding, reverse geocoding, personalized reference table


+ than 8 million geocoded addresses per hour, easy to pick up


Self-learning, geocoding strategies, address standardization


Unicode management, worldwide coverage, various projections

Logiciel de géocodage d'adresses en masse

What is geocoding?

Geocoding consists in converting addresses into geographical locations (x and y coordinates) or a geographical reference (territorial identifiers such as commune, district…) and conversely in finding addresses from geographical coordinates (reverse geocoding).

Why geocode data?

Pinpointing a person, an item of infrastructure, a company or any other data item on a map is indispensable in many situations: emergency callouts, equipment maintenance, network development, looking for a nearby service provider, route optimization...

Geocoded data in just a few clicks

Geoconcept Universal Geocoder is the benchmark solution for geocoding large volumes of data in just a few seconds. Data import, geocoding configuration, interactive error processing...intuitive wizards put geocoding within everyone’s reach.

High quality international geocoding

Geoconcept Universal Geocoder handles every address, no matter at what level: the town, the district, the street or even house number. Thanks to its French and foreign nomenclature manager, the solution offers unrivalled performance irrespective of country.

Need geocoding in an application?

Available in standalone, web and web service versions, Geoconcept Universal Geocoder enables geocoding features to be added to legacy applications on the fly or automatic geocoding of a batch of addresses.

Build your own geocoding

Unreferenced spaces? Need to add private plans (indoor location for example)? Geoconcept Universal Geocoder Builder helps make light work of creating one’s own reference table.

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