The ideal solution for segmenting one’s market and optimizing one’s network

Analyzing one's customers’ behavior and establishing their profile, understanding how competitors influence one’s network of sales outlets and simulating the performance of one’s future locations is now possible thanks to Modeler for Geoconcept.


Constructing typologies for tailoring sales and marketing strategies


identifying high potential areas, impact of an opening or closure


explanatory models for identifying development potential


geographical data mining, predictive analysis, prospecting

Making the data speak

Customer addresses, locating sales outlets, influence of competitors and infrastructure…:

Modeler for Geoconcept consolidates and makes operational sense of the information contained in companies’ databases.

Segmentation for adapting one strategy

Creating homogeneous groups and understanding their similarities helps to improve communication, merchandising and benchmarking activities…

Thanks to predictive typology, Modeler for Geoconcept automatically establishes the segment to which a new customer belongs!

Modelling activity

Distance from a store, accessibility, sales figures, cannibalization area…

All the relevant variables are modelled. Comparing this model with market reality enables over-performance factors to be identified and effort to be concentrated on development reserves that have been underexploited.

Finding the optimal location 

Modeler for Geoconcept incorporates the most powerful probabilistic gravitational attraction models on the market (Huff and MCI) in order quickly to identify the ideal development areas and to evaluate the impact of the opening (or closure) of an outlet on an existing network.

The power of geographical data mining

Data mining, or the intelligent exploration of data, enables facts to be categorized and predicted. The SAP tools paired with the Geoconcept geographical engine, enable Modeler for Geoconcept to return accurate and reliable results in record time.

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