Opti-Time and the real-time geo-location

For a better efficiency and optimal reactivity of field teams, Opti-Time communicates in real time with on-board systems and geolocation solutions (Orange, WebFleet Solutions, Masternaut, Ocean…) : tasks sending, information feedback and real-time location, analysis of completed interventions.

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infographie fonctionnalités Opti-Time

Aperçu d'Opti-Time

icone nombre 1 Issuing assignments

The user simply exports the assignments to be performed by the teams on the ground to the on-board system. Mobile workforces receive their schedule and associated roadmaps directly on their vehicles' operational tools.

icone nombre 2 Information capture and upload from the field

On the ground, the on-board geo-location system communicates permanently or on a scheduled basis with Opti-Time. Uploading geographical coordinates enables the vehicle's location to be identified in real time and its movement tracked. The operator can also capture information on the terminal (acceptance or rejection of an appointment, timestamping a callout...) that will be synchronized with Opti-Time in real time.

icone nombre 3 Emergency management

Real time vehicle tracking enables the scheduler to manage emergencies efficiently by:

  • setting up alerts when a vehicle's real position is too far from its planned position ;
  • the search around function, which makes it possible quickly to identify the nearest vehicle to an address requiring an emergency call.
Aperçu d'Opti-Time

icone nombre 4 Performance analysis

The information uploads from the field feed numerous scorecards directly within Opti-Time : degree of match between the appointments' scheduled date and their actual date, comparison between start time / scheduled duration and start time / effective duration... The scheduler carefully analyses performance and efficiently steers activity.

Opti-Time analyse des performances

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