API de géocodage

Capture an address and find its exact whereabouts on a map, and vice versa! Combining performance and speed, geocoding web services enable the geocoding of large volumes of data the world over.

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Géocodage unitaire

Unitary geocoding

Geocoding converts an address into a geographical location or reference (X and Y coordinates, communes, districts…). If the address is incomplete or ambiguous, the unitary geocoding API offers a number of results including the associated detailed score and type of geocoding

Batch geocoding

Batch geocoding consists in geocoding several addresses at a time. Powerful and fast handling of large volumes of addresses makes the batch geocoding API a must in a geographical application.

Proposition d'adresses

Reverse geocoding

Click on a map and instantly see the associated address, automatically locate an emergency call… : these are all useful applications of the reverse geocoding API, which enables you to find an address from geographical coordinates.

Storage of X and Y coordinates

The X and Y coordinates generated by the geocoding APIs can be stored for an unlimited period and used for geographical representation and analysis.

Géocodage pour les analyses géographiques

Address standardization

To ensure data homogeneity, the standardization API transforms addresses captured in accordance with the desired AFNOR standard (contraction of addresses to 32 or 38 characters).

Normalisation d'adresses

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