icone géomarketing


Connect your markets and customers.

Create targeted and effective multichannel communication, identify catchment areas, conduct location and prospecting studies, analyze your local performance…

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icone planning

Field Service Management

Schedule sales visit routes and technical service calls.

Define sector size and assign your teams on the ground, help to make appointments, optimize schedules and track their execution in real-time.

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icone logistique


Optimize our delivery and pick-up routes.

Factoring in of business constraints, vehicle loading, increase in volumes, geo-location and fleet tracking… Define the most profitable transport schedules.

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icone gestion territoriale

Territory Management

Give meaning to your territory data.

Analyses of territories, define the siting of infrastructure, manage equipment and networks, set up cartographic portals to communicate with members of the public…

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icone défense et sécurité

Security and defense

The success of operations depends on the mastery of Geographic information.

Simulate your calls, prepare your missions, evaluate risks, manage alarms, publish intelligence information, manage teams on the ground…

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Mobile forces scheduling solution

Opti-Time is a geo-optimization and scheduling software suite which manages appointment, customer service and delivery schedules.

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Route optimization software

TourSolver vehicle route optimization software is now available for the Geoconcept Geographic Information System.

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Territory redistricting and balancing

Territory Manager for Geoconcept module allows creating balanced customers portfolio and optimized sectors...

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Salesforce App

The real-time scheduling solution for mobile teams Opti-Time Cloud is now available on Salesforce CRM!

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Allodiagnostic optimises its diagnosticians' routes

"Implementing the Geoconcept schedule optimisation solution has been a comprehensive success from an economic, technical and human perspective"

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Majikan optimizes technicians movements with Opti-Time

Majikan’s 150 schedulers help its customers to manage their schedules and optimize their technicians’ routes.

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Customer testimonial: ATOL

ATOL has chosen GEOCONCEPT to develop and organize its national sales outlet network and analyze their performance

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Enhancement of data offering in China

Companies located in China can now use a comprehensive package of data to analyze and optimize the performance of their sales networks.

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What is geographical optimization?

Geographical optimization, or geo-optimization, is the use of both geographical information and optimization algorithms making it possible to achieve a significant improvement in organizational and company performance. This intelligent integration of geography at the heart of information systems generates important productivity increases and is a rich new source of efficiency for many businesses : marketing studies (geomarketing, catchment area, site location, network development, prospecting, targeting...), logistics (delivery or collecting route optimization) and technical or sales activities (optimized scheduling of slot for maintenance, interventions...)

Beyond simple digital cartography, geographical optimization solutions make it possible to incorporate and master the geographical dimension in operational and strategic processes. Taking account of geography enables companies and public and parapublic organizations to make the right decisions at the right time. This ensures optimal use of the territory and rapid return on investment.