VINCI Energies chose GEOCONCEPT, leading designer of geographic optimization technologies, to put a first key of mapping in its business processes


VINCI Energies in some words

VINCI Energies, of the 4 main branches of the VINCI Group with the Roads, Parkings and Construction, is one of the European leaders of the services related to the technologies of energies and of the information. This part of the VINCI Group meets the multiple and changing needs of the clients – producers and distributors of energy, operators of transports and telecommunications, industrials, local authorities, etc. – integrating these technologies in the customized offers to the high service content. VINCI Energies supports the clients at all stages of their projects (design and engineering, construction, operation, maintenance) in four areas: Infrastructures, Industry, Commercial and Telecommunications. VINCI Energies has a strong field presence of around 800 grouped SMEs having a turnover of 6 million Euros.

LBS: the power line of VINCI Energies

VINCI Energies is a decentralized company with many partner networks. To guide its business development activities or future acquisition, the Group chose to use the LBS platform Geoconcept Web (Location Base Services) of GEOCONCEPT and intelligence of the mapping. It allows, in the directory group, to view and identify with a map of different business partners. This initiative, offering to the collaborators the usage of a service of geocoding, is the first step in the global integration of the mapping tool in the service-oriented platform which optimizes the different business processes and will be gradually extended to the entire ecosystem of partners. LBS are location-based services and enable the integration of geographic information in the business applications of the companies or organizations. They of course go beyond the simple display of maps. Their mission is to send rich and useful information in real- time to the users through optimization services or geocoding, ranging from the address recognition on a map or a directory, the calculation of route through the map display of business or reporting information.

LBS Platform of GEOCONCEPT : energy source for VINCI Energies

The implementation and the integration of a first service-oriented platform in a decentralized structure as VINCI Energies had to, being successful; take into account a number of constraints. Indeed, the adoption by end users of such a tool must first go through a level of performance and impeccable availability. It was one of the key factors identified by Jean-Christophe Damez Fontaine, Director of Information Systems of VINCI Energies, who says about it : « In a group like ours, offering such type of service necessarily involves a level of high performance which brings the legitimacy at the time of the implementation of new mapping applications that will enrich our systems and business processes. »

These key success factors, to which must be added the response time, the ergonomics and the graphic rendering, allow to assess the unitary quality of the service before offering it to all partners or to extend it to other business processes.

Of course, interoperability is a crucial point. LBS Platform of GEOCONCEPT, chosen by VINCI Energies, is used seamlessly in heterogeneous systems of the company and its partners. This ability to interface within different platforms is a major advantage at the time of the service implementation or its enlargement.

Another factor contributing to the adoption of GEOCONCEPT solution, taking into account the development of mobility tools, is that it allows the dissemination and use of LBS in the Web 2.0 mode or embedded mode (smartphones, netbooks).


LBS of VINCI Energies serving offers and clients

With the use of GEOCONCEPT solution, VINCI Energies has increased the quality and richness of responses to clients and has especially enriched the Group’s offer by offering to the teams an appropriate and efficient tool, to be able to respond quickly to their daily demands.

With LBS Platform Geoconcept Web, VINCI Energies has successfully overcome the first step in the construction of its service-oriented platform. The interest, the usefulness and the strength of geographic information are now established within the Group, which plans to expand the concept to optimize the tour, another outstanding mapping application. With this type of solution, real decision-making tool, the Group will have substantial earnings, while saving time in the optimization and the organization of daily routes of its technicians and collaborators.