You manage delivery and installation schedules for individuals or companies : domestic appliances, electronic equipment, home shopping delivery, professional equipment.

Your orders and deliveries are managed from a call centre, which suggests delivery slots to your customers and allocates the assignments between your various staff.

You need to manage a large number of deliveries, to take account of available stock and of time spent with customers to deliver or install your products.

Integrating geographical optimisation and mobile team scheduling solutions with your information system will enable you to improve your performance and competitiveness.

Mobile team organisation : creating equal sectors and organising schedules for delivery people and technicians

You make deliveries from a number of logistics centres, manage teams located at a number of sites and customers spread throughout a large territory. You are required to define strategic delivery areas to spread the workload between different sectors.
Geographical redistricting solutions will enable you to balance activity between the sectors and assign your customers or call destinations to the nearest centres.

Once these sectors have been defined, mobile team scheduling management solutions will enable you to calculate the optimal routes for your drivers and installers for each area based on cartographic and road data and your business constraints : adherence to delivery timeslots validated by your customers, your vehicles' quantity and loading time constraints, your teams' availability and expertise, required installation time, etc.
Geographical routes optimisation eliminates wasted journeys. You can reduce your mileage and transport time by up to 20%. This will reduce your fuel budget and vehicle fleet.
Your delivery people won't waste any time navigating to their destination on the field.
You generate road maps for each delivery person and the detailed maps of the itineraries they have to follow.

Operations management : real-time booking of appointments and scheduling

The customers you need to deliver to are not regular : your call centre manages delivery
requests and continually logs the call destinations.

You need to calculate routes in advance, but also have to take account of new requests
or changes in real-time : delivery request on the same day as the routes, last-minute cancellation of appointments, the customer's absence, delivery staff absent or late…

Taking account of these hazards in real-time using the scheduling solution enables you to be responsive and constantly adapt your delivery staff's routes. This ensures your teams' efficiency and the quality of your customer service.

Our solutions and data

GEOCONCEPT offers a range of geographical optimisation solutions covering all the needs relating to the management of distribution and installation routes.

Address geocoding solution

Address geocoding solution

Accurately and precisely locating the geographical address of your customers, depots or stops is an indispensable step in obtaining reliable and accurate calculations.

Discover our geocoding solution Geoconcept Universal Geocoder  

Territory sectoring solution

Territory redistricting solution

Territory redistricting enables you to distribute your customers across strategic distribution areas to balance your routes from your various centres. You can determine which customers will be served from which depot depending on their distance and drive time.

Discover our redistricting solution Geoconcept Territory Manager  

Round optimisation solution

Route optimisation solution

Our mobile team scheduling solution enables you to calculate in real-time the most profitable schedules based on cartographic and road data and your business constraints.

Discover our route optimization software TourSolver and TourSolver Premium  

Vehicle fleet and mobile team tracking

Vehicle fleet and mobile team tracking

GEOCONCEPT provides you with a vehicle tracking and fleet management platform. You know where your delivery teams are in real-time and can direct their activities.

Discover our vehicle tracking solution GeoWeb Tracking  



GEOCONCEPT collaborates with the main players in the cartographic data market, guaranteeing reliable and relevant results.

Discover HERE cartographic and road data  

Discover HERE Traffic Patterns and traffic density data