Opti-Time TourSolver Spring 2021 is available


Improving the traceability of parcels and equipment, taking account of weather forecasts in adapting route plans, providing the end customer with an improved experience, and many other ergonomic improvements are in the Spring 2021 Opti-Time TourSolver program.

What with the first steps towards machine learning and end-to-end management of field activities, more than ever Opti-Time TourSolver is asserting its position as the benchmark application for logistical, technical and sales route optimization.

Principal new features of Opti-Time TourSolver Spring 2021:

  • Parcel barcode scanning
  • Consulting weather conditions to amend route plans
  • Optimizing routes with new constraints (advanced management of overnight stays, transporting dangerous substances…)
  • Analyzing data and decision-making (comparison between two simulations, new analytical graphs…)
  • Follow visits as they are completed, (summary of distance covered, rescheduling of a cancelled visit)
  • Notifying recipients of new information (delivery health instructions, for example, sending of the visit report…)
  • Facilitating connection to and communication with third-party applications
  • Managing users more easily
  • Clearer representation of map data
  • Learning to use the solution

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