Organisation of logistics routes

Delivery, distribution and pick up routes:
effective and accessible solutions for scheduling and
optimising your logistics routes


Optimise your transport route itineraries taking account of road traffic and resources constraints: working hours and holiday periods of your deliverymen, vehicle fleet…


Give your deliverymen optimal sequencing of deliveries to be done and help them locating and reaching the addresses of delivery and pickup.


Organise your activity zones in balanced sectors, simulate setting-up of your warehouses and balance your points of delivery between your deliverymen...

TourSolver for Windows

A comprehensive and portable solution for route optimisation.

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Easy-to-use and accessible: the performance of TourSolver in the Cloud.

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TourSolver API

Simple and integrated: the route optimisation in business applications.

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Between 10 and 30% higher productivity

More appointments, fewer movements

An excellent service quality

Flexibility, lighter callout slots, commitments kept.

Better working conditions

Balanced work load, less stress, lower staff turn-over

An environmentally responsible approach

Reduced mileage, lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

TourSolver is elected "best optimisation solution " among 100 competitors by the China Communications and Transport Association which has more than 2 500 companies and institutions.

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TourSolver solutions are implemented in many companies of all types and sectors for more than 15 years:

« The GEOCONCEPT solution is a perfect match with our business needs and those of our deliverymen. It allows us to work on two major development areas, rationalizing our Supply Chain activity and improving our customer satisfaction. »

Messer schedules and optimises its delivery plans for gas tank trucks in China. The Group defines daily optimal routes, adapted to the specificities of vehicles and to the weather conditions.

« Implementation of the GEOCONCEPT scheduling optimisation solution is an all-around success story, from an economic, technical and human perspective alike… we now have a completely optimized routes scheduling systems. »

Delivery of meals, 10 vehicles. « Planning is a key point to productivity; TourSolver has automated this process and made it faster and more reliable. It helped our overall efficiency, and undoubtedly somewhere along the line contributed to the long-term survival of the company. »