Prefectures, National Police, national and local gendarmerie...


Prefectures, National Police, national and local gendarmerie...

You need to know where the risk areas and sensitive points are within the territory in order to position your human assets, generate crime statistics, direct and coordinate your observation and law enforcement teams, manage calls to the police...

Geographical Information Systems and the optimization solutions that go with them enable you to maintain order throughout the territory, to take the right decisions and to intervene as quickly as possible. They address the needs of the three stages of emergency management: before, during and after the crisis.

They address the needs of the three stages of emergency management :

 before, during and after the crisis.


Knowledge of sensitive areas and operational forecasting

Knowledge of sensitive areas and operational forecastingKnowing the ground and assessing sensitive areas

The forecasting cells need to centralize information and display the sensitive areas on map media. Centralizing geographical information on the callout areas using GIS tools provides you with accurate knowledge of the inhabited areas (land registry, urban density), road networks, natural barriers or obstacles.

It can be combined with crime statistics.
The GIS makes light work of mapping facts and crimes (car thefts, armed robberies, bag-snatching, burglaries...) and displaying crime density by sector and zone.

Preparing and coordinating callouts

The GIS also enables you to locate the security and law enforcement sites and equipment : squads, intervention centers, vehicles... The combination of information on sensitive areas and your intervention centers enables you to distribute your resources and cover the whole territory as needs and accessibility dictate, improving response capability.

In population centers, defining security plans is necessary to public order measures, protect and safeguard the population, maintain efficiently-functioning public services… The GIS immediately displays the location of the usual forces and the specific reinforcements for when a plan is put into operation. The sensitive points to be protected are located, the territory under observation is broken into sectors so as to assign specific patrols to the different zones and organize their itineraries.

Operational phase : instigating and controlling callouts

The Geographical Information System (GIS) is an indispensable operational tool for managing an information and command centre's daily routine : locating incidents and crimes and any crisis situation: natural catastrophes (floods, ground movements, earthquakes, forest fires, avalanches), technological accidents, social unrest or exceptional events within the territory...

The GIS enables geo-located intelligence to be collated, communicated, used and monitored in real-time. There is accurate knowledge of the terrain, callout decisions are well judged and the time it takes to put them into effect kept to a minimum.

In the context of organizing an official visit or demonstration, the GIS is used to help define the route taken by the convoy. The specific deployment required is accurately positioned and the operations are then tracked in real time as they unfold. Should any incidents occur, the GIS facilitates the redeployment of human resources, by breaking the units down into a number of sections surrounding the sensitive point.

Our solutions and data

GEOCONCEPT offers a range of geographical optimization solutions covering all the law-enforcement services' prevention and operational management-related needs.

Geographical Information System

The Geoconcept Geographical Information System is the central kernel of a range of dedicated data and software for risk management.

Discover our Geoconcept Geographical Information System

Online map publishing

Online map publishing enables you to integrate geographical data and services in Internet and Intranet applications.

Discover our online map publishing solution Geoconcept Web

Alert management system

Geoconcept's alert management component enables you to process and locate callout requests.

Discover our GeoWeb CallCenter assistance platform

Partner solutions

Our expert partners in GIS and crisis management have developed dedicated emergency and defense applications built on GEOCONCEPT technology.

Discover our partners' solutions

Address geocoding solution

Address geocoding solution

Accurate geographical positioning of your equipment and resources is an indispensable step in achieving reliable and accurate calculations.

Discover our Geoconcept Universal Geocoder solution

Cartographic customisation modules

Cartographic customisation modules

Cartographic customization tools enable you to produce operationally relevant maps or tools for generating bespoke atlases.

Discover our Publisher for Geoconcept map editor module 
Vehicle fleet and mobile team tracking

Vehicle fleet and mobile team tracking

Geoconcept provides you with a vehicle tracking and fleet management platform. You know where your teams are in real-time and can ensure their safety and redeploy them at any time.

Discover our GeoWeb Tracking vehicle tracking solution