Geographical optimization of planning for Field Service Management

The time mobile field forces - salespeople, technicians, auditors, emergency staff - spend travelling represents between 30 and 50% of a working day.

Optimized appointment booking, automatic diary organization, long-term strategic planning…

The Opti-Time range of Field Service Management solutions improves mobile field forces' efficiency on the ground.

Between 10 and 30% higher productivity

More appointments, fewer movements.

Better quality customer service

Flexibility, tighter callout slots, commitments kept.

Better working conditions

Balanced workload, less stress, lower staff turnover.

An environmentally responsible approach

Reduced mileage, lower fuel consumption and CO 2 emissions.

The management solution for scheduling commercial and technical callout routes

On-premise solution

  • Full web solution
  • Automatic scheduling of recurring calls
  • Optimized real-time appointment booking
  • Configurable multi-criteria optimization (skills, requirements, call objectives…)
  • Risk management
  • Resource planning
  • User profile
  • Mobile add-on Opti-Time Mobile
  • Complementary modules: overall optimization, long-term optimization, advanced management of districting availability.

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Cloud solution

  • Solution is integrated with Salesforce
  • Customer portfolio geography (geocoding and cartographic display)
  • Search around function
  • Round optimization
  • Automatic population of schedules
  • Multi-constraint optimization (priority, frequency, favorite days, overnight stays…)
  • Mobile application Salesforce1
  • Personalized optimization constraints via the Optim+ connector

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Key strengths of the Opti-Time range:

A single engine

Real-time and batch, unlimited number of constraints and business rules.

An open technology

CRM/ERP/HR connectors, web services, connection to geolocation tools.

Worldwide coverage

Accurate and high-quality cartographic data, traffic, transport…


Allodiagnostic optimizes its real estate diagnosticians' rounds with GEOCONCEPT.

"Today we have an efficient, coherent and flexible route planning system that takes account of the mobile teams' work load and their various business constraints."

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