Chronomap is the premier fully plug&play MapInfo© Professional add-on for creating, analyzing and combining proximity maps (isochrons, catchment areas, sectors, ...)

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Before optimizing your route

Before optimizing your routes, you should partition your customers into strategic distribution zones so that you can assign your routes based on different depots or companies.

You may determine which customers should be served from which depot, according to distance and the time required to reaching them.

Territories balancing

ChronoMap for MapInfo© offers you territories balancing solutions to allocate your customers to different strategic distribution areas so that you can assign routes evenly based on different retail outlets or brands.

ChronoMap allocates each item to territories, balancing the potentials between each territory. Thus, you can balance the workload and business of your salesmen or partners, and optimize the organization of your company.



How does it work ?

Step 1
Display your agencies


automatically and straight from postal addresses held in your information system or a mere Microsoft Excel, Access or Text file


Step 2
Define the analysis criteria


Type of calculation to be made: drivetimes in time or distance, sectors in time or distance, territory balancing

display and visualisation setting (surface area, streets, intersections)



Step 3
ChronoMap figures out your balanced territories


ChronoMap figures out your balanced territories

It divides your activity in a balanced way and displays the corresponding territories on the MapInfo map.

Once your territories are well redistricted, you can optimize your route :

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